FileTek Joins Active Archive Alliance as a Founding Partner StorHouse Technology Provides Easy, Cost-Effective Online Access to Petabytes of Archive Data

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FileTek announced today that it has joined the Active Archive Alliance as a founding partner. The Active Archive Alliance is a non-profit storage industry association dedicated to promoting active archives for simplified, online access to all archived data.

Rockville, Maryland, April 28, 2010. FileTek announced today that it has joined the Active Archive Alliance as a founding partner. The Active Archive Alliance is a non-profit storage industry association dedicated to promoting active archives for simplified, online access to all archived data.

Organizations are archiving increasing amounts of data as they grapple with data growth, retention compliance rules and the need to leverage the knowledge and information within their organization. As organizations archive more data, the challenge of accessing that data when needed has intensified. Active archive solutions resolve this issue by transforming historically offline archives into visible, accessible extensions of online storage systems – enabling fast, easy access to archived data.
The industry trend toward active archiving is being enabled and accelerated by recent advancements in active archive applications as well as archive tape and disk storage technologies. Today’s innovative active archive applications provide the ability to see and access data on tape through a standard file system interface, making it easy and affordable to view and search archived data files in large heterogeneous online active tape and disk storage pools. No modifications to existing applications are required to integrate with the active archive.

Mark Seamans, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of FileTek, remarked, “FileTek fully supports the mission of the Active Archive Alliance, which advocates archiving infrastructures that reduce the total cost of data ownership and promote data accessibility and reliability. Our StorHouse® storage virtualization/data management platform and virtual file system interface fulfill this mission by enabling companies and government agencies worldwide to cost-effectively store, manage, protect, backup, and access multiple petabytes of critical online archive data located on a combination of disk and tape. As such, StorHouse transforms yesterday’s traditional, static, offline archives into affordable, large-scale, active information repositories characterized by ensured data integrity, timely online accessibility, and unprecedented growth potential.”

Brian Babineau, a senior analyst covering storage and information management solutions and their impact on compliance, corporate governance, and eDiscovery processes for the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Inc., commented, “The Active Archive Alliance was founded to help organizations properly design cost-effective long-term information retention strategies that enable key stakeholders to gain timely online access to their rapidly expanding archives. These strategies must be complemented with flexible solutions such as FileTek’s StorHouse platform, which automates storage management across independent hardware platforms while ensuring that saved data is validated and retrievable at a future date. These capabilities allow organizations to easily leverage future storage technology advancements without adding operational complexity so they can efficiently address compliance and research needs.”

About StorHouse
StorHouse is an intelligent, hardware-independent, storage virtualization and data management platform for archiving, retrieving, and backing up large volumes of relational and file-based information. The system supports an automatically managed pool of traditional and alternative storage devices, including tape, disk, solid state devices, and most other generally available storage technologies. Enterprises primarily deploy StorHouse as an integral component of an overall enterprise storage infrastructure for large-scale active archive applications. The system also supports database extension systems, information lifecycle management initiatives, digital preservation programs, and native file format backups of terabytes to petabytes of data residing on operational systems.

StorHouse features include:
·    All-in-one platform functionality that provides both archive and backup capabilities in a single system
·    An industry-standard relational file system layer that archives, retrieves, and/or backs up any format of unstructured data in native file format with no need for application modifications
·    Comprehensive SQL, ODBC, ESQL, and bulk data loader/unloader interfaces as well as integrated connectivity to Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, and SAP
·    Scalability to trillions of files and multiple petabytes of managed data with no performance degradation
·    A native file format backup approach that provides self-service access to information and eliminates the need for legacy data re-staging and restoration
·    Virtualized storage that concurrently uses multiple media types such as disk and tape to lower the total cost of data ownership and allows organizations to control data storage by creating rules about how information is stored based on frequency of access and retrieval time requirements
·    Automated system, storage, and data management, including storage allocation and control as well as data migration, replication, backup, recovery, and retention
·    Active content validation and repair processes to ensure archive integrity and reliability
·    Easy incorporation of higher-capacity and more advanced technologies as they become available with no performance degradation or system downtime to ensure future accessibility of current data
·    User-friendly, browser-based management tools that automate many routine system administration tasks

Active archiving eliminates the typical trade-off between keeping data visible in online disk arrays and moving the data to more cost-effective near-line or off-line tape. It enables organizations to keep all archive data online, searchable and quickly accessible, while ensuring media and data integrity and simplified management.

In addition to FileTek, founding technology partners of the Active Archive Alliance include Compellent Technologies, QStar Technologies, and Spectra Logic Corporation.

The mission of the Active Archive Alliance is to provide organizations with the best practices, tools and information they need to achieve simplified access to the online storage of their archived data. Please visit for more information about the Active Archive Alliance and to become a member.

About the Active Archive Alliance
The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry alliance dedicated to promoting active archives for simplified, online access to all archived data. Launched in early 2010 by founding technology partners, Compellent, FileTek, Inc., QStar Technologies and Spectra Logic Corporation, the Active Archive Alliance is a vendor neutral organization open to leading providers of active archive technologies including file systems, active archive applications, cloud storage, and high density tape and disk storage, as well as individuals and end-users. Active Archive Alliance members provide active archive solutions, best practices, and industry testimonials so that organizations can achieve fast, online access to all their data in the most cost effective manner. Visit for more information.

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About FileTek
FileTek, Inc. is a premier provider of large-scale data management and information governance solutions, enabling organizations, worldwide and across multiple industry segments, to efficiently manage, rapidly access, and effectively govern their ever-growing volume of enterprise data. Since 1984, FileTek has provided comprehensive, award-winning solutions to companies, prestigious educational institutions, scientific and government agencies worldwide. From our patented and innovative StorHouse high-volume data management solutions to our Trusted Edge® information classification and asset management software, FileTek maintains a steady focus: enhancing and automating information lifecycle management and data preservation processes for all categories and volumes of data.

FileTek is headquartered at 9400 Key West Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. Telephone: 301-251-0600. Fax: 301-251-1990. The FileTek international headquarters, FileTek Ltd, is located at One Northumberland Ave., London WC2N 5BW. Telephone: +44 (0) 207 872 5583. Fax: +44 (0) 207 753 2829. The company also has offices across North America. To learn more about FileTek, visit:

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