Sara International Travel: Hajj Offers Myriad Benefits for Muslims

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A new report from CNN highlights the fact that more and more Muslims are making spiritual pilgrimages earlier in life—a finding that has won the attention of Sara International Travel.

In the life of the faithful Muslim, there are few events are profound or as important as the Hajj, a pilgrimage that is made to Saudi Arabia. Though the Hajj has long been central to Islamic faith and practice, a recent report from CNN highlights the fact that the attitudes Muslims have toward the pilgrimage are shifting. Where once the pilgrimage was typically made later in life, more and more Islamic adherents are choosing to embark on the Hajj earlier in life—a finding that has won the attention of Sara International Travel.

CNN’s report comes from Shafath Syed, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who offers his own testimony as to the myriad spiritual benefits that come from the holy pilgrimage. Syed also notes that, like an increasingly high percentage of Muslims, he and his wife chose to forsake the tradition of making the Hajj later in life, choosing instead to make the trip while still in their 30s. “Typically, Muslims perform Hajj during their senior years but my wife and I wanted to do it in our 30s, because we did not know what the future would hold,” Syed says. He goes on to say that, after ten years of marriage, he and his wife were unable to conceive a child—and hoped that if they offered prayers while on their pilgrimage, God would favor them with a child.

Sara International Travel is a company that provides travel packages to individuals intent on making pilgrimages such as the Hajj or the Umrah. The company has responded to Syed’s testimony with a new press statement. “The concern expressed in the CNN article are increasingly commonplace among younger Muslims, particularly those in the West,” says the Sara International Travel press statement. “Many members of the faith are beginning to realize that life is unpredictable, and waiting until the senior years to make such an important sojourn may not always be the best option.”

The decision to embark on the pilgrimage earlier in life is not just a matter of necessity, however. In many cases, it stems from the myriad benefits the Hajj offers.

“The CNN makes the many benefits of the pilgrimage clear,” continues the Sara International Travel statement. “Whether it is a desire for spiritual renewal or a sincere zeal for offering prayer and homage, the pilgrimage offers many positive effects, and is an important event in the life of any Muslim, including younger ones.”

Sara International Travel was founded in 1994, with the intent of providing travel packages to Muslims living in the United States, Canada, or South America.


Sara International Travel provides individuals with Hajj and Umrah travel packages, making these pilgrimages easier to attend. Founded in 1994, Sara International Travel offers exceptional customer service and quality travel packages to clients throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and the Caribbean. In addition to providing the most competitive in travel accommodations, Sara International Travel is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of its industry by integrating technological advances into its business model, thereby providing customers with a more efficient and effective travel booking experience.

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