The Myths of Satellite Broadband Revealed By Broadband Wherever

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Shawn Hunt at Broadband Wherever, provides an industry viewpoint on why Satellite broadband is evidently popular in America and across many countries in Europe, but the number of misconceptions and often unsubstantiated myths surrounding this technology means that the UK is playing catch-up

Satellite broadband can provide fast and reliable internet access at fantastic value. The UK is only just discovering its potential.

Shawn Hunt at Broadband Wherever believes that satellite broadband has suffered from the past stigma of being a ‘last resort option’ and that our judgement is still clouded by ‘what was’ rather than ‘what is’. Here, he aims to debunk a few straggling rumours…

Myth 1: The set-up and running costs for satellite broadband are expensive

While this may have rung true at the time when the concept of satellite broadband was first introduced as a viable option, it is no longer the case today. What used to cost between £1,500 and £2,000 to set up has been dramatically superseded by a much smaller outlay of around £300, a fraction of what it was, and monthly service costs are further reduced; and yet the concept of high-cost does tend to stick in people’s minds so it is important that any confusion is quickly demystified if users are to make a more informed choice in terms of how they receive their broadband connection. Equally, the satellite broadband market has become very competitive commercially, and many providers are racing each other to the post with new exclusive plans, free servicing deals and specially discounted rates.

Myth 2: The connection and performance for satellite broadband is slow

Again, back in the early days one could expect broadband speeds of anything between 512kbs to 1MB. Today, those speeds are somewhere in the region of up to 10MB. The performance and speed of a satellite broadband connection is also heavily dependent on the physical speed and configuration of your computer. If you are using an archaic, poorly fitted computer you are unlikely to be able to view certain web pages clearly such as those containing Flash. Satellite broadband may well transmit data at a faster rate but if your computer isn’t up to the job it can affect how that data is received. Developments in satellite broadband have come a long way and take-up is also increasing, some satellites are now even dedicated purely to broadband connection and exclude TV channels which in terms of speeds, means big progress.

Myth 3: Satellite broadband is very unreliable in bad weather

This is simply not true by today’s standards. In fact, technological advancements mean that satellite broadband is far more robust that it ever was before. Providing a satellite dish is properly installed by a professional and does not have an obstructed view of the sky, the user will be able to receive a reliable, uninterrupted broadband connection regardless of poor weather conditions. During very extreme weather conditions, at worst a user might expect to experience a very minimal disturbance to their broadband connection of no more than a few minutes at the very most. So all in all, bad weather does not have a substantial effect on satellite broadband at all.

Myth 4: Satellite broadband is a last resort option

It is a common misconception that satellite broadband is somewhat inferior to more traditional broadband technologies. Many people believe that satellite broadband is only designed for remote areas where other broadband services and dial-up are not available. But the opposite is true; location is not an issue nor does it matter if you live in a small town, in the middle of the countryside or in a hilly area, providing your satellite dish is installed correctly you will be able to receive a reliable, high-speed broadband connection.

Despite many of these myths, satellite broadband continues to develop in popularity at a rapid rate as more people discover its potential including the new super fast Tooway Satellite Broadband. Great understanding and education on the realities of satellite broadband are a must if the UK is to rival its neighbouring countries that have, for some time realised the benefits this technology has to offer.

About Broadband Wherever (

Established in 2007, Broadband Wherever is a principle distributer of satellite broadband services. The company is one of the main UK providers of Eutelsat’s new high powered two-way KA-satellite service, Tooway™. The satellite broadband service allows for connection speeds of 10 Mbps download speeds and 4Mbps upload speed, making it the fastest satellite broadband service available in Europe. The new satellite offers a throughput capacity of 70Gbs, covering all Europe, with this area being covered by 82 spot beams.


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