Pay Per Click Expert: 5 Ways to Save on Online Advertising

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Pay per click expert Webrageous offers up 5 tips to save money on online advertising campaigns.

Turning Clicks into Conversions
“Not only are online advertisers depleting their budgets more quickly but they are failing to properly utilize the money they’re spending or see returns from their advertising dollars,” Mr. Chapman said.

Pay per click management firm Webrageous has discovered the 5 best ways to save on online advertising which it wishes to share with current and prospective online advertisers.

Webrageous’ Director of Marketing David Chapman said it is clear that many online advertisers appear to be out of their depth when it comes to saving money online.

“Not only are online advertisers depleting their budgets more quickly but they are failing to properly utilize the money they’re spending or see returns from their advertising dollars,” Mr. Chapman said.

“By following these 5 steps, online advertisers should begin to see an improvement in their online advertising campaigns, conversions and return on advertising spend.”

1. Optimize, optimize and optimize again
Achieving the top spots on Google has a lot to do with how optimized an advertiser’s online advertising campaigns are if they are going to achieve the all important high quality score (the key indicator for how high up an advertisement will appear). This, in turn, will reduce the amount of money an advertiser will need to spend on keywords and on online advertising in general.

“Online advertisers should be continually assessing and optimizing their keywords, their advertisement text, call-to-action headlines, websites and conversion paths,” Mr. Chapman said. “Without these all important aspects highly optimized you could be losing out on a large chunk of advertising potential.”

If any of these aspects is not highly optimized, online advertisers also risk losing customers along the way or tainting their brand by encouraging users to put a black mark against their name. Examples include having keywords that aren’t related to the ad listing, websites that don’t offer what was promised in the ads and confusing conversion paths.

2. Take advantage of targeting tools
In order to make sure your ads are highly focused and are only showing up to people who are likely to make a conversion, it is important to take advantage of targeting tools. Geographic targeting is crucial if you are only targeting people in a certain geographic region, and age and gender targeting are also important depending on the focus of your product or service.

You might even want to target different groups of people for different advertising campaigns or promotions. Targeting tools that allow you to pick the time of day or days of the week in which the ads appear can also be important in achieving that focus.

“Too many online advertisers use up their entire advertising budget well before the day is over,” Mr. Chapman said. “By taking advantage of targeting tools they can focus their campaigns on the people that are interested in what you are offering and therefore are much more likely to make an online conversion or purchase.

“For example, if you were promoting a Brad Pitt movie then you could pretty much exclude men from your focus. If you were selling Justin Bieber products then you could target teenage girls who are searching online after school. If you were advertising a one-night only stand up show by Jerry Seinfeld in New York then you would probably want to set the geographical targeting to New York.”

3. Use reporting tools to detect failing campaigns
There are many things that can go wrong in an online advertising campaign if it is not closely monitored. Reporting tools and techniques allow online advertisers to detect changes in campaigns, such as poor keyword choice, failing advertisements and click fraud.

“Pay per click management experts use reporting tools to detect if anything is going very wrong but also to detect minor changes,” Mr. Chapman said. “Even minor improvements in a single aspect of an online advertising campaign can turn around that campaign completely and affect an advertiser’s savings online.”

Remaining well aware of any and all movements in an online advertising campaign means pay per click experts are much more likely to pick up on damaging changes to an account, such as click fraud, as well.

4. Use Pay Per Click combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If an advertiser wants to make full use of their online advertising success, they should be combining pay per click with SEO across the organic search results as well.

Research has shown that online advertisers who optimize their site for users, providing informative content in the form of a blog, for example, and improve link baiting and social network followings are more likely to have success in their pay per click campaigns. Webrageous is able to provide help with SEO as well as pay per click, such as providing the use of a content writer and helping out with website design.

5. Outsource online advertising management to a pay per click expert
Trying to make online advertising successful through pay per click and organic search results can be tough. That’s why at Webrageous we always recommend outsourcing management of your online advertising campaigns to a pay per click expert.

Most advertisers do not have the time or skills required to achieve full success in their online advertising campaigns as well as save money. Pay per click management experts such as Webrageous dedicate their time to achieving the best results by fully optimizing all aspects of a campaign, installing targeting tools, utilizing reporting tools, and using a combination of pay per click and organic SEO.

The best pay per click management experts will be able to provide extra help, such as helping out with content writers and website design, as Webrageous is able to do in special cases. Webrageous is also an expert in detecting and preventing click fraud.

For more information on ways to save on online advertising and about the pay per click management experts at Webrageous, visit the company website at To arrange an interview with David Chapman call 530-553-1111.

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