'Saving Seeds For Survival When The Food Supply Chain Breaks Down' Was Published Today by The Absolute Rights Newsletter

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Today the Absolute Rights newsletter talks about saving seeds for survival when the food supply chain breaks down, because of an emergency, crisis, or disaster situation.

Seeds for Life AbsoluteRights.com

Seeds for Life AbsoluteRights.com

There have been tens of thousands of small farms that are continually going out of business.

If there is a situation that causes a break down in the food supply chain, saving seeds will be important for survival, and is the topic of today’s article “Saving Seeds For Survival When The Food Supply Chain Breaks Down” in the Absolute Rights newsletter. The Absolute Rights newsletter explains that there have been tens of thousands of small farms that are continually going out of business, because of the large food supply farming industry that are dominating the marketplace.

The worst part of the U.S. food supply system, the Absolute Rights newsletter reports, is the fact that most people do not have access to healthy food. The newsletter explains that this is creating an obese society in America, while at the same time many people go hungry and are even starving to death.

Recently there has been a grassroots movement that is sweeping across America, today’s Absolute Rights newsletter discusses, with countless numbers of people becoming aware of these issues causing them to put emergency management plans into place by collecting survivor seeds. Americans are beginning to realize that food responsibility should be in their hands, the Absolute Rights newsletter suggests, and not in the hands of monopolies that are using toxic poisons on genetically modified crops.

The Absolute Rights newsletter reports today that small farmers will have to come together, creating cooperatives to supply their communities with healthy, affordable food. The lower income families are at the highest risk, the Absolute Rights newsletter warns, and are being exploited by the food industry, causing great health and weight issues. This can be changed, the Absolute Rights newsletter says today, when people have decided they have had enough, and take back the food supply industry. The Absolute Rights newsletter reveals this can be done by saving seeds from plants that are not hybrids, or genetically modified, and collecting from heirloom varieties, while they still exist!

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