Alarming Rise in Scam in the Forex Industry Doesn’t Stop These Traders From Making Their Fortunes With Old Fashioned Hard Work

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Worldwide enthusiasm for Forex trading has skyrocketed for the past few years and now nearly every person who is interested in trading financial markets is drawn to trade Forex instead of stocks or commodities. But most of these individual traders end up feeling beaten down to the ground primarily because traders, professional and amateur, fail to see through all the garbage that infiltrates the trading industry.

“There’s a lot of frustration involved in learning how to trade and although Forex is not exactly for everyone,

As more individuals see the true potential of the Forex market and many seek to learn how to trade with accuracy and proficiency, they become easy targets of Forex “dream crushers”— mentors, brokers, software and robot makers—who do not care whether their customers succeed in building a solid Forex trading business as long as they can rake in cash.

“There’s a lot of frustration involved in learning how to trade and although Forex is not exactly for everyone, I feel bad for all people who have invested so much time and money on all kinds of training courses, robots, trading rooms, live seminars, alerts, and software that simply does not work,” said Scott Shubert CEO and founder of Trading Mastermind. “People always tell me that they are so tired of all the crap in the Forex industry.”

Just like in any other business, deception is just as present in the most active and liquid market in the world. Determined traders want to learn what really works in trading, but as long as shady brokers, software vendors and robot salesmen keep selling useless Forex products, these traders will either fail or give up entirely. The abundance of less than ethical training programs gives a bad name to legitimate trading educations that produces real results.

The U.S. Forex market is regulated by agencies such as the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) but many companies are still able to put out deceptive or outright false information and manipulate customers for their own gain.

Over the years, these regulators witnessed the growing number of foreign currency trading companies whose agenda is to defraud the public. Often times, customers are attracted to advertisements that promote high-return, low-risk investment opportunities. Consequently, it is now difficult for legitimate training programs to make factual statements without balancing them with a statement about risk.

“Like a lot of traders, I explored a lot of systems and spent a lot of money on different things,” said Darell Schaffer who began trading almost 3 years ago. He said that he was searching for something “quick and easy” like the non-existent Holy Grail. “Most of the Forex courses that I bought were vague and subjective, and when you look closely, those gurus don’t really know how to trade.”

“When I first began trading, I have taken numerous courses but I did not learn anything,” said R. Topaz, a Platinum Trading Group member. He was about to give up trading before finding the right system which suited him. “There’s just so much false information out there and it damages the reputation of real Forex mentors who share the same mission of helping traders succeed.”

There are over hundreds of Forex training courses available and that does not include Forex training provided by brokers as part of their service. Some courses come for free while others cost as high as $5,000 but many investors don’t care about the cost as long as they learn how to trade currencies.

“I can still remember the time when I was also in their shoes going from one training course to another,” said Shubert. But he was able to come up his own insights which other traders tend to overlook and since then Shubert began sharing it with a community of dedicated Forex traders some of whom are already trading as their sole source of income. The group continues to achieve excellent results which made many traders curious about what they do within the trading community. And ever since Shubert began sharing his trade analysis to the public a few weeks ago, a lot of traders expressed interest in learning the techniques that he and the Platinum Trading Group use.

“Calls and emails flooded in from people wanting to know how to get in and out of the best trades on a regular basis,” said Shubert. But according to Shubert, even though many wanted to be part of the respected trading group, a lot of traders are hesitant due to financial difficulties that they are currently tangled in.

“Considering the financial situation that we have right now, we decided to open a summer enrollment program so that traders, especially those who need training the most, can afford our training program,” said Shubert.

For one week only, Trading Mastermind’s summer enrollment plan will make available a 6-month payment plan of only $229 per month which Shubert describes as “$7.63 per day or about the cost of one and a half Starbucks lattes.”

Shubert adds that this is the “last Forex training you will ever need" and “it will take you from step one all the way through to how to master the markets on all time frames including the subtle distortions of pattern that occur every day in the Forex market. You will never need to buy another proprietary indicator, software, robot and etc. because you will possess the real skill yourself and no one can take it away once you have it."

Ross Martyn, a trader who bought Mr. Shubert’s course is completely thankful for the kind of training he was able to get. “I have battled for many years now to make a success of trading Forex and in the process have lost money and have experienced a lot of frustration. But Trading Mastermind’s course is the most enlightening material I have come across in 8 years of trading Forex and I am deeply grateful for this because finally I have found a gem amidst all the garbage in this business.”


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