One of America's Oldest Electrology Schools Extends its Scholarship Programs into 2011

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Effective Nov 5, 2010, the American Institute of Education is announcing the continuation into 2011, of its highly successful electrology scholarship program as well as the continuation and expansion of it’s sponsorship of the American Electrology Association’s scholarship program.

American Institute of Education

What is more amazing to me is the number of university graduates that apply...

Upon the initial announcement of the American Institute of Education’s in-house electrology scholarship program this past January, professional aestheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, even a former attorney, contacted the school for tuition assistance. “The extent to which economic conditions would drive demand for scholarship assistance became abundantly apparent to us in the first quarter of 2010,” says Ron Davis, Director and owner of American Institute of Education, (A I E) a 25-year-old California State Approved electrology school.

Davis enlisted the web development services of Fencl Web Design to create a place for secure online scholarship applications for the schools industry-leading site. Scholarship applications continue to come through the school website to the present day. “What is more amazing to me is the number of university graduates that apply,” says Davis. “Upon receiving their degrees, many have no job opportunities but they carry tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. This must be very stressful for them.”

Though the AIE scholarship program is a partial scholarship, demand has been intense. These scholarships have had a very positive impact on the finances of many of the schools students. If it were not for the scholarship funding, many students would not have been able to move into this profession.

When asked about the criterion for granting scholarships, Davis replied, “There are four main questions that we look to answer with every application in addition to qualities like, ability to communicate and a coherent thought process.

First: Is this person mature? This can mean in years of life experience, and / or in an applicants outlook on life.

Second: Adults with previous work experience dealing with the public or those who are, or who have been self-employed business owners, get high marks in our evaluation process. Why? Electrologists are self-employed professionals. A history of success in past or present self-directed employment serves new electrologists well in establishing a client base.

Third: We give preference to people with existing credentials, such as aestheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, or anyone with a license in a medically related field like X ray technician, phlebotomist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, etc. Existing credentials show an ability to learn and an application for electrology training expresses their commitment to a life of learning.

Fourth: A clearly expressed business plan is important. Either written or verbally explained, a plan for a start-up stand-alone business or an opportunity to start practicing within an established salon, spa, or a medical office, gives us a sense of their likelihood of success in this profession.”

Another way that Davis helps people enter the electrology profession is by sponsoring a scholarship for the American Electrology Association (A E A). At the beginning of 2010, Davis offered a full scholarship to his school to the AEA on the condition that it is named the “AEA scholarship” and that it is offered through the auspices of the association. The AEA’s Directors immediately established their “scholarship review committee” and in July of 2010 awarded the first full scholarship to a winning applicant. At the recent annual October AEA convention in Washington D. C., Davis announced the continuation and expansion of his sponsorship into 2011 and beyond. Two partial scholarships have been added to the existing full scholarship. All attending the convention received this news enthusiastically.

“Electrology is a very rewarding profession, both financially and personally. Every electrologist has experienced the joy of assisting clients with unwanted hair problems and has seen the remarkable changes that can occur in their lives.” Davis sums up his scholarship efforts this way. “Helping people enter this wonderful profession is a gift in itself. I’ve seen so many or our past students become electrologists and have their lives positively transformed. By also working through a terrific association like the AEA, I get to help them perpetuate their excellent work in continuing education and advocacy for the electrology profession.”

The American Institute of Education enrolls students from across the U S A, Canada and abroad. This scholarship program is specifically for North American residents. Applications from international students are not considered.

For more information regarding the application process and eligibility, please visit:

Contact Information
Ron Davis, Director
American Institute of Education
1715 E. Wilshire Ave. #712, Santa Ana, CA 92705


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