The ‘Rock2Live’ Music Series Benefiting Schools Names Famed Music Director Michael Bearden Chairman 2013, Sets Financial Goal Nationally at $500 Million

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Famed Music Director Ignites Excitement, Gives Hope to Cause and School Funding Program

School benefit

Supporting Schools Across The Country

The reason why schools in part are underperforming is due to vital programs being cut and the loss of teachers to other professions

Global Maximus Productions announced today the 2013 Chairperson for the ‘Rock2Live’ Music Series to benefit local schools across the country.

The Chairperson for 2013 is Mr. Michael Bearden, famed music director to megastars such as the late great Michael Jackson, Usher, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and many other elite entertainers.

Mr. Bearden is considered one of the top experts in his field and has received numerous awards throughout his celebrated career. Mr. Bearden has worked with the Emmys, the Grammys and numerous other highly respected organizations and is currently serving as an Ambassador of Goodwill for the United Nations.

Maximus Overdrive is the host network of the ‘Rock2Live’ Music Series. The entertainment series was developed as a popular means to capture the attention of young adults and encourage the same young adults and their families to help raise awareness of negative lifestyle habits like texting while driving.

The network anticipates providing a series of up to twenty (20) ‘live’ events per school year starting in 2013. The schools are to receive benefit from the sale of exclusive pay-per-views as well as competing for grants and other helpful incentives.

The events will showcase a diverse setting of today’s popular music and comedy artists. The local subscribers and students will be engaging in interactive meet and greets with the artists in support as part of the program allowing the students to be part of the show(s).

The public service program was designed so that each school could create safer environments for our youth. The schools universally would possess the cost-free ability to earn significant dollars per year by offering supporters private access to special events and interactive bonuses as a means to gain local support.

These funds are unrestricted and intended to go towards each school’s budget to keep teachers and programs related to the arts and sports active in the schools.

Mr. Bearden will be working with a host of popular musical and comedy artists in a series of events devoted to the raising of funds to schools enrolled into the national program. The students will compete to come and have a private get together and other incentives related to meeting or working with the artists in person as an Ambassador of the program.

These various entertainment programs will focus on expanding the knowledge and awareness of the dangers of unhealthy lifestyle habits such as texting while driving, obesity, social/cyber bullying and other negative social habits that affect the general public’s overall social welfare.

The music series will be produced ‘Live’ in real time. This allows the supportive subscriber the opportunity to access advanced interactive features connecting them to the artists and the host of the show. Subscribers are able to participate in question and answer periods along with advanced video meet and greet bonus features that are standard to the new Maximus Overdrive Network.

“The emphasis of the network is to provide a television level streaming experience, a 24/7 entertainment social network linked interactive experience making the subscriber part of the show in ways never imagined,” states Dwaine Rivers, Executive Producer.

“The reason why schools in part are underperforming is due to vital programs being cut and the loss of teachers to other professions. We cannot save the system as a whole, but we as responsible business leaders can recognize when we have the power to create these types of programs that are truly intended to benefit us all as a society and nation,” Rivers concludes.

The fall/winter period for schools to register has begun and will continue until the end of January 2013. The program lineup will be announced at the end of the registration period. Michael Bearden will survey the national student base via on-line voting as to which artists they would most like to work with regarding the public service program.

The excitement comes in when we ask whom they would most like to see in concert live in person. It is an exciting program for the young adults and supporters alike. Do your part to support the program and encourage safe lifestyle habits to everyone around you and join us in celebrating through music our collective efforts.

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