Fine Treatment Announces First Sciatica Treatment with Thermobalancing Therapy Relieves Pain Naturally Straightaway vs. Painkillers and Medication

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Wholly original Thermobalancing Therapy relieves Sciatica effectively and naturally, versus painkillers and medication. Drugs cannot compare with this natural therapy which relieves symptoms of Sciatica without adverse side effects.

Lower back pain treatment

The best Sciatica treatment in the World

Painkiller’s threats sound more actual after Michael Jackson's premature death.

The effective natural treatment for Sciatica offered by Fine Treatment tackles the cause of a problem in lower back area and terminates swelling around the Sciatic nerve with the Thermobalancing Therapy by improving the temperature deeply in the affected area.

Why should people use a natural treatment for Sciatica offered by Fine Treatment? The hopelessness of alternative treatment in regards of lower back pain treatment is the reason why people who suffer from Sciatica are compelled to look for medications or surgical solutions. However, taking painkillers blocks not only pain signals to the brain but also functional ones which are essential for normal performance of the body. These medications are not only unsuccessful but in many cases depress metabolic processes essential for the normal functioning of the body. As a result, users can feel weakness and fatigue, constipation, etc.; and the consequences of lower back surgery are often extremely poor: bleeding, infection, spinal fluid leaks, nerve damage and paralysis.

“Repeatedly taking painkillers puts the person’s health in danger”, says Dr Allen. “Painkiller’s threats sound more actual after Michael Jackson's premature death.”

Contrary to current Sciatica treatments, a unique Dr Allen's Device for Lower Back Pain Care is free from any adverse side effects and has shown effective results.

◊ Relieves Sciatica pain effectively;
◊ Provides alternative natural treatment for Sciatica;
◊ Helps to recover from different Sciatica symptoms, such as numbness or weakness in one or both legs, and around buttocks;
◊ Promotes healthy functioning of the Sciatic nerve.

Dr Allen in his research “The Origin of Health Disorders” has explained that the process of the development of Sciatica, which is as follows: the swelling of the tissue around the Sciatic nerve results with the deficiency of blood circulation through this tissue and thus the tissue around the Sciatic nerve does not get enough blood. This in turn lowers the temperature in this tissue which worsens the condition because it leads to further expansion of capillaries (additional swelling), and consequently to greater pressure on the Sciatic nerve.

Dr Allen’s Device for Lower Back Pain Care for the first time in the World provides an ideal environment for capillaries to stabilize the body temperature in the tissue around the Sciatic nerve. This improves the blood flow in the tissue around the Sciatic nerve stopping the capillaries grows. Consequently the pressure on the nerve decreases reducing pain and other Sciatica symptoms.

About Dr. Allen and Fine Treatment:
Dr. Allen treated patients with different chronic internal diseases for 40 years. Fine treatment distributes devices for a ht prostate treatment, including BPH treatment and prostatitis, for the treatment of coronary heart disease, to dissolve kidney stones and to relieve back pain in the lower and upper spine areas. For more information please visit the Fine Treatment website:


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