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American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1897. Edison was a pioneer in communication, electricity and light technology; he invented and developed several devices that significantly influenced modern life. Because of Edison's contributions, former president Ronald Reagan declared February 11 "National Inventors Day" in 1983.

Thomas Alva Edison was born in Ohio on February 11, 1847. At 12 years old Edison began selling newspapers and quickly became devoted to experimenting with printing presses before making his first important invention, a telegraphic instrument that enabled messages to be transmitted automatically over a second line without an operator present.

Later Edison went on to devise an automatic telegraph system which made a greater speed and range of transmission possible. Still, Edison's highest achievement in telegraphy was his invention of machines that simultaneously transmitted several messages on one line -- a major development for the telephone, which American physicist and inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented.

Next Edison invented a phonograph, in which sound could be recorded on a tinfoil cylinder. Overall however, it was Edison's invention of the electric light bulb two years later that became his most important invention. But Edison didn't stop there; he went on to invent the kinetoscope, a machine that produces motion pictures by rapid succession and the Edison storage battery.

While Edison's inventions have had profound results for modern life, his ingenuity continues to inspire inventors of all skill-levels and ages around the country. With this in mind, Magazines.com is commemorating National Inventor's Day by featuring science magazines at significant discounts off cover prices.

Featured science magazines are: Scientific American, Wired magazine, American Scientist, Invention & Technology, Popular Mechanics, Science Illustrated, Scientific American Mind, Discover, Geek monthly magazine.

For kids: Kids Discover, National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids and Odyssey.

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