Boomja's People-Powered Search Lets People Make Money Online by Organizing the Internet

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Boomja is a Win-Win for Search, Search Engine Marketing and for Helping People Make Money Online by Building Guided Search Directories

Boomja's vertically-focused categorizations provide Directory builders with the most fertile online 'real-estate' imaginable for generating continuous AdSense pay-per-click and affiliate revenues.

Boomja™, a new people-powered search engine, today announced the pre-launch of its free revenue-sharing Directory program at . Boomja enables anyone to organize the Internet's wealth of content into information-rich and easy-to-navigate subject Directories, and share in the advertising revenues generated by their work.

Boomja is inviting people from around the world to help organize the Internet and make money online by creating subject Directories in Boomja's people-powered search engine. Users select the topics of their choice; collect as much relevant and valuable online information as they can find; and effortlessly organize it into browsable, easy-to-navigate hierarchical categorizations that match all the ways people need to think about and use information to find answers to specific questions or solve specific problems. "Boomja is designed to help people harness large amounts of information better", stated co-founder Buff Bowen, "Boomja enables anyone to build and monetize intuitive top-down views of vast amounts of information, strategically organized to help people get their hands around even massive collections of relevant content, including experience and expertise captured in user comments and conversations."

The Internet is ready for the next generation of search. "Boomja was not created to compete with algorithm-based search engines, blogs or other social search sites such as, Mahalo, Squidoo, HubPages and Google Knol," declares Robert Donovan, Boomja's other co-founder, "Boomja's advanced directory technology was designed to enable people to combine all of the most relevant and potentially useful content available from all online sources and organize it on a subject-by-subject basis into categorizations that give people faster and more usable access to as much relevant information as possible to help them reach more informed conclusions and make more informed decision." "Boomja's ability to help many people make money online by helping other people use information is a very rewarding bonus for us."

Human intelligence and categorization are needed in search. People are able to find and use information faster and online advertisers can reach targeted markets more efficiently.

Computer algorithms, spiders and other search technologies do not have the ability to understand, think about and organize information the way people can.

  • Technology cannot understand all the possible meanings, intentions or values of information; or predict all the possible ways people may need or want to use information.
  • Technology cannot harvest information from all the Deep Web sources (95% of the Internet's content) that people can access, and cannot always decipher the difference between useful content and spam.
  • Technology cannot organize content, experience and knowledge to help people find answers to specific questions or solve specific problems.
  • Technology cannot imagine or envision all the possible values of information well enough to organize it to help people identify and discover associations and relationships that would otherwise remain fragmented and/or disconnected.

"Boomja's permission-based categorization technology levels the playing field for Directory builders against search engine giants," states Bowen, "The computer algorithms and spiders of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft cannot match human filtering, access the same Deep Web content, or organize and reorganize content into the same meaningful categorizations and navigational pathways the way people can." "Boomja's vertically-focused categorizations provide Directory builders with the most fertile online 'real-estate' imaginable for generating continuous AdSense pay-per-click and affiliate revenues."

Boomja is not an open search engine like Wikia and Wikipedia. Comments and site submittals made by visitors are not published unless approved by a Directory builder. Boomja uses human moderators and administrators to assist individual Directory builders with content, classification and marketing issues as well as to approve individual Directories for inclusion in the Directory of Directories.

Beta testers have reported pay-per-click success with Boomja. "I spent less than two hours on a diabetes Directory and it made more money faster than any blog I have created," stated experienced blogger Bill Mahar, "My Boomja Directory has an authoritative page rank of 5 after two months and is sending me thousands of visitors organically." Internet newbie Dave Bell writes, "Boomja is my first experience publishing anything on the Internet and my 'country codes and international resources' Directory is averaging over 26,000 page-views per month in less than three months, and received a Google page rank of 7 without any marketing." "Boomja is easy to use, their user guides are easy to follow, and their automated search engine optimization really works." "I enjoy being able to help people online and definitely enjoy watching my ad revenues grow each month."

Boomja is inviting anyone interested in becoming a part of the next generation of search and search engine marketing to register their desired subjects and URLs for free at .    

About Boomja™:

Boomja is a product of HAB Technologies ( ). HAB has been a pioneer in search engine marketing with Web directories since the beginning of the public Internet in 1995. Our diverse experience ranges from award winning websites to secure pharmaceutical, military and defense "Intelligence Intranets". HAB is a privately held company headquartered in Shelton, CT.


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