Author Jon Jonsson Invites Readers on a Journey to Solve the Last Great Mystery: Death

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In ‘Search Engines,’ author Jon Jonsson takes us on a fresh path of exploration about our beginning and our end - and possibilities of an afterlife.

'Search Engines' by Jon Jonsson

Jonsson reasons that all humans are built from the ground up as “search engines”. The sperm frantically seeks and finds the rescue in a wonderful egg. On this human level, all are again seeking the final-rescue - to survive the next death.

Author Jon Jonsson is fascinated by the great patterns in the universe that repeat themselves; he likens them to “majestic themes, which move from the bottom of the creation to the very top of it”. In his newly revised and updated book, 'Search Engines’ he begins by giving the reader a brief look at history to display how cyclical patterns show up repeatedly in one’s tribal- and family history. He comes to the age-old conclusion that history, and patterns of nature, invariably have a relentless way of repeating.

Jonsson then puts the spotlight on the reader’s own “creation story”. In doing so he explores each human being’s multilevel journey through life. Male or female, each person’s life began with a sperm frantically seeking the life-giving egg. Each human life has miraculously moved through the sperm- and egg-bodies, to the fetus-body and then into the human-body. Jonsson points out the recurring markers in each life span. They are the turning points, which move the individual through the different stages of life, as one grows in power and awareness. The pattern builds the body, and is later repeated externally, when one couples up to produce more humans. It stands as a life-producing pattern.

Jonsson then directs the attention to the afterlife-question. “When we contemplate the afterlife, we simply forget to ask the basic question: How did I gain this life? I am suggesting that strange history is the most overlooked piece, in our afterlife-puzzle. It is meaningful to understand that peculiar process, because it might not be finished at all. Our past-story could strongly indicate, what our future-story might look like. The next-life might not be a mystical-puzzle in the sky. It could simply be a natural extension of the life-producing pattern, which has been well established.” Jonson reasons that if history and patterns repeat themselves, then the same truth is very likely to apply to our ongoing “creation story”.

Jonsson provides a quick look at the myriad of spiritual options, which have been introduced over centuries, in an effort to solve the stubborn “death problem”. He says that the “creation pattern” should help to clear away some of the fog. “The pattern” shows, what produces life, and it is difficult to argue against that success-story. Furthermore, the pattern delivers exponential growth, which in turn points to unlimited expansion – even beyond human life.

Regarding the spiritual quest, Jonsson reasons that all humans are built from the ground up as “search engines”. The sperm frantically seeks and finds the rescue in a wonderful egg. On this human level, all are again seeking the final-rescue - to survive the next death. Remarkably, on the extended life-journey, everyone has already experienced a frightening “death” and some new beginnings, which reveal further hints about those events.

The preceding levels lead directly to the door of the spiritual level. Jonsson then goes on to explore classical spiritual texts that clearly speak in harmony with this recurring pattern of the human story.

By the end of the book, Jonsson reveals still a greater pattern. It gives insights into man’s place in the universe and how each person grows. In doing so, he shapes an optimistic 21st century Gospel.

“Anyone wanting to address spiritual questions, and those seeking clarity regarding the possibility of life after death, will find ‘Search Engines’ provides philosophically satisfying answers to these ultimate questions,” concludes Jonsson.

‘Search Engines: Seek and Find – Unite and Grow’ is published by in ebook format and is now available from popular online retailers, including,, Apple’s iBookstore, and Kobo. It is available in paperback, through, and the Ingram catalog.

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