Navisso Search Invites Webmasters to Submit Their Site - Announces Development Details

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Navisso Search (, a new search engine currently providing its services as a beta test, invites webmasters to include their own web sites to its searchable index. Head Developer Bernd Hilders also informs about ongoing development plans and updates.

Navisso Search ( invites webmasters to include their websites into Navisso’s final searchable index. Navisso Search’s Head Developer also talks about Navisso’s development plans to inform webmasters and end-users about “what Navisso is really about”.

Natalie Wrens, Navisso’s product manager said: “We are inviting all webmasters to submit their websites to the Navisso search index. Submitting your web site today means making sure of becoming a part of our final search index launching in early 2007.”

Navisso’s Head Developer Bernd Hilders talks about “Navisso Insights” in order to make web-users understand what Navisso is really about.

Mr. Hilders (Head Developer) said: “To make sure our visitors understand what Navisso is really about, I have compiled the following information about Navisso Search:

Navisso is developing a searchable index so that web-users can locate interesting, family friendly and highly related web results. Unlike many other search engines, we employ our own indexing web-robots to pick up fresh content every day. Navisso doesn’t return any search or advertiser feeds – we provide content our indexing robots found while travelling the web.

Many web-users stepped forward to provide feedback and to forward complaints. While we understand most users expect to find first while searching for Navisso, we would like to make it clear why this is not always the case.

There are many search engines on the web and each of them employs different methods to index content. Some search engines base their search results on back links, while others return advertising feeds on top of their own database results.

Navisso tries to reward content-rich sites instead of pushing official web sites, well known web sites or even web sites linked from thousands of other sites. We believe our ranking methods will return more information to end-users, because in the end it’s the web site’s content that matters.

Talking about other search engines, I would like to provide an example. Let’s compare Google results to Navisso results. If you search for “Google” you will find as the first result. This is what webmasters and SEO’s would expect – but it is wrong.

Why should Navisso reward a web site by pushing it to the first rank if the content of the site simply doesn’t contain enough material to index? Have a look what you see if you visit - you will notice it’s “Web    Images    Groups    News    Froogle    Maps    more »“ and maybe a few words like advertising, ‘about us’ and some preference links.

Now compare Google’s web site with sites like, or and you will quickly notice that these sites provide more information about Google than Google’s start page itself. Would it be fair to list above content-rich web sites? We don’t think so.

Of course, the search engine world is led by search engines like Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and many others, but in the end it would simply make no sense to launch another Yahoo, Google or MSN Search, as we would just copy their ideas, ranking methods or business plans.”

Navisso Search is operated as “beta test” and therefore only returns a small set of the complete database. Currently only web sites written in English are accepted into the index, but we are planning to offer international search indexes as well in 2007.

About Navisso Search

Navisso is a free, family-friendly search engine with the goal of becoming one of the most relevant and dependable search engines on the web. Navisso’s mission is providing accurate, real, and relevant search results to its visitors while focusing on reducing spam within its search index.

Recent Acquisitions

Navisso has recently acquired two web projects called “” and “AllTopix Forums”. PressRadar ( is a news search engine, providing the latest news feeds to Navisso Search. ( is a general discussion board, allowing web-users to discuss a wide range of different topics and share their opinions with other users.

About NavissoBot

NavissoBot, the search engine’s indexing robot, crawls the web on a regular basis, in order to locate new web pages as well as identifying changes that have been recently made to existing pages. The crawling process is fully automated and maintained from more than 10 different locations worldwide.”

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