Belltown Spine & Wellness Announces Campaign to Ease the Pains of Technology Use

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Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Scott Mindel Shows Mobile Device and Laptop Users How to Minimize Risks of Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress

Seattle Chiropractic

Seattle Chiropractic

Belltown Spine & Wellness, an integrated health and rehabilitation center, today announced a new campaign to bring more attention to growing health problems that accompany the increased use of technology. As part of its “Techno-Care” campaign, the health professionals at Belltown Spine and Wellness are educating patients about injuries such as “Blackberry thumb” strain, texting-related neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome associated with laptop use. These are just a few conditions that can be attributed to the non-ergonomic and/or repetitive use of technological devices.

Inspired by a similarly-focused campaign by the American Chiropractic Association in October, Belltown Spine & Wellness’s Techno-Care campaign aims to educate patients about the safe use of technology. According to Dr. Scott Mindel, Seattle chiropractor and owner of Belltown Spine & Wellness, this “education and prevention” approach is complemented by existing treatment programs offered at the downtown Seattle clinic, including structural and postural spinal rehabilitation, massage, and acupuncture, which can help mitigate pain and other symptoms that patients may already be experiencing.

Eliminating “BlackBerry Thumb” Through Ergonomics
Faced with research from Nielsen Mobile showing that more text messages are sent by mobile phones than telephone calls, the health professionals at Belltown Spine & Wellness are stepping up efforts to inform patients about BlackBerry thumb, a repetitive strain injury to the joint and/or wrist. BlackBerry thumb may cause pain and inflammation, and treatment requires rest and sometimes a splint to immobilize the thumb. While anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone injections and even surgery are sometimes prescribed by medical doctors, Dr. Mindel advises patients to first seek a non-surgical, natural approach to recovery, which may include rest, gentle stretches, massage and/or acupuncture. As part of the campaign, the Belltown Spine & Wellness staff is recommending that frequent SMS users limit their texting, take regular breaks and maintain an ergonomic position when texting by holding the device comfortably close to the body while keeping wrists straight.

Helping Patients Avoid “Text Neck” and Laptop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The other two technology-focused conditions targeted in Belltown Spine & Wellness’s campaign are “text neck” – a strain caused by poor posture while using a mobile device – and carpal tunnel syndrome due to regular computer use, often associated with non-ergonomic laptop computers.

Dr. Mindel instructs patients who may be prone to text neck to maintain good posture with head up and shoulders back while texting, and to lift the mobile device up in front of the eyes to avoid dropping the head. For carpal tunnel – an injury of the median nerve running from the forearm into the hand resulting in pain, weakness or numbness – Dr. Mindel recommends rest and several natural, holistic treatments offered at Belltown Spine & Wellness. Treatments that can help patients recover more quickly from hand and wrist injuries include chiropractic joint manipulation, stretching and strengthening exercises, and pain-relieving acupuncture.

According to Dr. Mindel, there are many natural methods that can provide relief from symptoms of a repetitive stress injury, so patients may want to seek these out before they turn to more invasive measures, such as surgery. However, the best recommendation is prevention, which is why Belltown Spine & Wellness is trying to educate patients about the ergonomic use of technology, says Dr. Mindel.

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