Fortressware Announces Workgroup Fortress, Data Protection for Online, Offline, and Mobile Users

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Workgroup Fortress is the first anti-data propagation solution for all distributed collaborators, employees and nonemployees, working inside or outside a corporate firewall, enabling them to share sensitive content securely, without leaking it through such methods as printing, writing to portable devices, or attaching to instant messages.

Workgroup Fortress provides a unique solution for firms making their IP and proprietary information available where it's needed globally, while maintaining virtual control over it against inadvertent or malicious leaking.

Fortressware, the leader in providing data protection for on-site, off-site, and mobile users anywhere, today announced the availability of Workgroup Fortress 3.0. Workgroup Fortress enables business users to set up secure projects quickly and easily by themselves so they can distribute the information required to do their jobs effectively, without fear of leaking sensitive content.

"From first hand experience, I have seen companies fail to take full advantage of the Internet as a tool to leverage the lower costs and critical skill sets available through distributed business relationships, simply because they don't feel confident that their high value data assets will be secure," said Dr. Ronald Chwang, Chairman and President of iD Ventures America. "Workgroup Fortress provides a unique solution for firms making their IP and proprietary information available where it's needed globally, while maintaining virtual control over it against inadvertent or malicious leaking."

Workgroup Fortress goes beyond the endpoints. It uniquely addresses the challenge of managing sensitive content securely outside a corporate firewall at the full array of today's "use points" - for example, off-site employees, partners, suppliers, and consultants. By encrypting data as it makes its way to a use point, and monitoring and blocking its propagation when accessed, Workgroup Fortress provides the assurance that intellectual property, customer data, and other information assets are protected from the point of origin to the point of use. It provides a complete and consistent level of security, as data is in motion, at rest, and in use, regardless of whether a user is working online or offline, behind or outside a firewall.

Ann Ting, Fortressware's President and CEO, observed "We took a fresh look at the data leakage problem in a distributed collaborative environment where people from different companies must have access to each other's private information for a period of time. We got the message loud and clear that a real solution had to work anywhere and anytime, without impacting an individual's productivity. This led us to a novel approach. Workgroup Fortress continuously tracks how a user interacts with secure data, noting any applications that come into contact with it. Once an application is thus "marked" we block it from being used to propagate secure data anywhere - to local or remote drives, instant messaging, email, and so on. Unlike DRM type products, it doesn't matter to us what applications are used - we're completely agnostic, which is essential for meeting our customers' requirements."

Workgroup Fortress is designed for groups of any size or duration - department, project, or ad hoc - that has an immediate need to secure content it is receiving, creating, and distributing. Set up is quick, so that sensitive information can be controlled from the start of a project. Users continue their existing work practices, simultaneously handling non-sensitive information without restriction, while they handle secured information in the prescribed manner. Workgroup Fortress provides a complete solution for securing confidential information. It also complements installed discovery or gateway security products by elevating the level of protection to include shared information, both inside and outside the firewall.

Workgroup Fortress includes the following components:

  • Fortress, the client software, enforces information security policies at the use point.
  • Policy Server - enables the rapid creation, administration, management and replication of access policies
  • Connection Server - encrypts and decrypts all data exchanges with designated servers

Workgroup Fortress is available immediately. Pricing information is available by calling the company at 650.472.3886, ext 488.

About Fortressware
Fortressware's mission is to ensure that sensitive information is protected immediately at the time of creation and remains protected at all points of use. It specifically addresses the needs of globally distributed enterprises without requiring changes in users' tools or processes through its Workgroup Fortress product.


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