IQinVision's High Definition Security Cameras in Focus on TruTV's Full Throttle Saloon

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IQinVision's line of high definition megapixel IP surveillance cameras in focus, showcasing how Full Throttle Saloon security and surveillance staff utilize a mix of IQeye megapixel cameras to manage the week long Sturgis Rally venue.

Full Throttle Security Relies on IQinVision IP Security Cameras

Full Throttle Security Relies on IQinVision IP Security Cameras

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The hit documentary, Full Throttle Saloon, is set to deliver another season of non-stop action to motorcycle enthusiasts and TruTV viewers beginning Wednesday, December 19th. Filming of the fourth season ended in mid-August, following the conclusion of the 2012 Sturgis Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

With over 50,000 daily visitors, the Full Throttle Saloon is the epicentre of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The documentary carried by TruTV unveils the daunting task of managing over 300 staff persons, thousands of dollars in cash and more while providing an up close and personal look at how the venue continues to be the trendsetter for the annual event.

“Each year, the Sturgis Rally grows in popularity and with that popularity comes more customers, new challenges, and more excitement,” notes Full Throttle Saloon owner Michael Ballard.

“Sometimes people aren’t enough to get the job done efficiently and you need a little help from technology,” says Ballard.

That’s where Chris Donahue and Eric Soluri, Security Directors for the Full Throttle Saloon turn to IQinVision, as their surveillance partner and notable market leader in high-performance, high definition megapixel IP surveillance cameras.

“The tools we have allow us to leverage our manpower where it’s needed for crowd control purposes, general traffic management, and asset protection. Without our ‘eye in the sky’ as we like to call it, we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs effectively,” adds Donahue.

This season the documentary will show the use of IQinVision’s technology and how Donahue and Soluri continue to use it to their advantage to protect the assets of the Full Throttle Saloon, its vendors, and patrons.

The Full Throttle has a mix of IQeye megapixel security cameras located throughout the buildings and grounds, achieving excellent coverage of where the vast majority of action takes place. Of particular interest are areas where cash is counted as well as the areas where cash is stored in preparation for bank deposit. In addition to keeping an eye on cash and assets, the team’s surveillance technicians located in the properties security control room keep a close eye on the crowd often solving problems before they arise.

The security team at the Full Throttle Saloon see the network of security cameras and devices as a direct extension of their job functions. When there is an incident, security staff members are instructed to move involved parties into the direct view of one of the various cameras on the property. “We want to have crystal clear evidence in cases where any claim against the property, staff or another person, was to arise. The high resolution camera assets serve a dual purpose for our venue, first a deterrent and second a non-refutable source of documentation.”
In one case, an individual was observed outside of the main office that appeared to be in distress. Surveillance officers were able to make a visual confirmation of the developing incident, dispatch appropriate medical and adequately trained security personal, and intervene in an effective and efficient manner.

Upon arrival, members of the team quickly assessed the man’s vitals and confirmed that the subject was clinging to life. Multiple times his breathing stopped; the team would later learn the man suffered a complex stroke. Due to the severity of the situation, various medical interventions were necessary to keep the man alive until paramedics arrived. The entire event was documented on our high resolution security cameras, so should any claim arise, Donahue and the Full Throttle Saloon have clear evidence of exactly what transpired.

“In addition to protecting our people, we see the IQinVision cameras as our best way of being proactive in crowd control, movement of cash and other assets, security of high profile celebrities, and more, however our number one goal has always been to do everything we can to make each individual’s Full Throttle experience a memorable and safe one. Our customers spend thousands of dollars each year at our venue, some traveling from outside the United States to visit the Full Throttle Saloon and take part in the world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We don’t want anything bad to happen here, we’re here to keep the peace, protect property and ensure that everyone has something to remember.” adds Donahue.

Donahue recounted an incident involving an individual who was suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion. “Our surveillance technicians observed an individual who was laying his head on the bar. After zooming in on the image, enhancing the quality, the surveillance technicians determined that the individual was perspiring more than expected. They continued to observe his eyes and confirmed he was in distress. After dispatching ground security forces, the individual was rushed by ambulance to Sturgis Medical Center where he was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. The case was severe, but our surveillance technicians were able to quickly dispatch the right teams to the scene to resolve the issue and get the individual the medical attention he needed. From a public relations standpoint, the cameras are invaluable.”

Again this year, Full Throttle confronted the annual challenge of underage drinking. Unfortunately, in the first few days before the rally even began, incidents transpired after underage drinkers allegedly left the Full Throttle Saloon, presenting obvious legal ramifications if true for the venue. Accordingly, Donahue and his team attacked the situation using technology to their advantage.

“We started a ‘Bounty on Minors’ program,” explained Donahue. Using the IQinVision cameras, surveillance technicians scanned the crowds and when they spotted someone who looked potentially underage, security forces were dispatched to verify the subject’s identification and age.

“Michael gave the directive to fix the problem and we used our technology in a proactive, efficient manner to show our commitment to solving the problem. It worked, we caught minors who snuck into the venue, and prosecuted the offenders accordingly.”

“I’m happy with the result of the Bounty on Minors’ program. When it comes to protecting my property one my most valuable assets in my liquor license; that’s your license to play, without it, you can’t even open the doors. Something had to be done and with the technology we have in place, it made doing the job of identifying minors much easier,” adds Michael Ballard, owner of the Full Throttle Saloon.

“Each year we get better and better in terms of our security organization and performance. This year we did it with 15 fewer security personnel than the year prior, reducing costs substantially. The level of coverage and the clarity of images we get from the IQinVision cameras have allowed us to substantially cut the number of people we need to manage this week-long event and that saved us over $30,000, this year alone.” says Donahue.

In 2013, The Full Throttle Saloon is closely examining a variety of new products from IQinVision and how the products can be integrated seamlessly with new tablet devices which Donahue and Soluri will carry allowing them to enhance their security resources by visual observation as well as enhance the team’s ability to isolate and resolve incidents, solve crimes and protect the assets and staff of the Full Throttle Saloon.

“It’s a daunting task, but the IQinVision security cameras that we have in place really do tell a very clear story, a story that can’t be argued with. Next year we intend to add more cameras to increase our coverage and further reduce the costs associated with staffing and manpower. Technology in the field is our greatest asset.”

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