NeoMed Software Launches EpiTrax for Seizure Tracking: New software application simplifies seizure tracking for epilepsy patients, doctors and loved ones

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NeoMed Software LLC, the leading provider of personal health monitoring solutions, announced today that its advanced seizure tracking software, EpiTrax, is now available to the public. The easy-to-use, downloadable application will give patients with epilepsy and their loved ones the ability to track, analyze and report on every detail of their seizure activity, while offering their physicians additional information to help diagnose seizures and apply proper therapies. EpiTrax costs $49.99 and can be downloaded from the NeoMed Software web site at

With EpiTrax, patients and their families can gather the detailed information that helps neurologists more clearly understand their patients' conditions. The reports that EpiTrax produces simplify patient-doctor communication and help doctors make better treatment decisions.

    EpiTrax was designed with the understanding that good seizure control - and hence, a better quality of life - starts with good information. EpiTrax gives each user the ability to store all information about their seizures and possible seizure triggers in one place, where it is easily viewable and accessible. Designed for simplicity, EpiTrax includes more than 40 features to help individuals manage information about their seizure activity, including the ability to:

-- Record detailed information about individual seizures and seizure clusters, such as their duration, their characteristics, their auras (if any) and whether a loss of consciousness or control occurred.

-- Track detailed information about numerous seizure triggers, such as exercise, mood, sleep patterns, school activities, vitamins and supplements, diet and more.

-- Generate and print five reports that visually display a) the times of day that seizures have occurred; b) the days of the week that seizures have occurred; c) the trend of seizures over time; d) medication and its effect on seizure activity; and e) the correlations between recorded triggers and seizures. Each report can be printed, exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis, or emailed.

-- Keep diary notes or notes from doctor's visits in free form fields. In addition, users can upload files such as graphics to support those journal entries.

NeoMed Software recently conducted a beta program to receive final input on the software prior to its launch. Though the beta trial was limited to three weeks, the company received extremely positive feedback about the product not only from physicians, but from people with epilepsy and their care-givers.

"I was impressed by EpiTrax," said Dr. John Stern, Associate Professor of Neurology and Co-Director of the Seizure Disorder Center at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine. "With EpiTrax, patients and their families can gather the detailed information that helps neurologists more clearly understand their patients' conditions. The reports that EpiTrax produces simplify patient-doctor communication and help doctors make better treatment decisions."

"This is a truly amazing thing which stands to help countless numbers of people," said Julia, an adult with epilepsy. "I think we all know of the frustrations that can come along with tracking seizures... this tool is inspired."

The concept for EpiTrax came from NeoMed's CEO, Eric Schumacher, who has experienced the frustration of trying to keep track of his seizures for over 20 years. His personal experience with, and knowledge of, the challenges faced by the approximately 2.7 million Americans who have epilepsy, made him realize the need for an easy-to-use tool that could help individuals track their seizures and potential seizure causes, or triggers.

"We developed this application to empower epilepsy patients and their loved ones to monitor seizure activity in a far more efficient and detailed way; and to improve the information that patients can share with their neurologists and epileptologists about their seizures," said Eric Schumacher. "This is a huge leap from the way in which people currently monitor their disease. We are confident that the information captured by EpiTrax will help those with epilepsy understand their seizures better while simplifying the communication between them and their physicians."

EpiTrax is available for Microsoft Windows only and can be downloaded immediately from the NeoMed web site ( NeoMed will donate five percent of every sale of EpiTrax to epilepsy-related services, programs and research. Beta users who supplied feedback to NeoMed Software prior to March 13, 2007, will receive this first official version of the product free-of-charge.

About Epilepsy

With approximately 2.7 million Americans affected by the disease, epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological diseases. It is also one of the oldest. Yet, despite its prevalence and its history, epilepsy remains one of the least understood and least funded neurological diseases. There are few definitive causes, and there are no known cures. In 30% of the cases, treatment does not work. People with epilepsy often face significant barriers to independence and the enjoyment of life; they can struggle from debilitating side-effects of treatments; experience depression; have learning disabilities and suffer from a host of other related psychological and physical risks.

About NeoMed Software

NeoMed Software LLC is the leading provider of personal health monitoring solutions for people with incurable diseases. With executive offices in Los Angeles, CA, NeoMed launched its advanced seizure tracking software, EpiTrax, in April 2007. More information about the company and its downloadable product EpiTrax can be found at

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