Math Fun 1st Grade from Selectsoft Now on Windows 8: Educational Learning Games for Kids

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Selectsoft, a California-based developer of educational games and apps is pleased to announce the release of Math Fun 1st Grade for Windows 8. Enjoy entertaining and educational addition and subtraction games, including math bingo, magic squares, word problems, anagrams and more.

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Learn all about addition & subtraction!

With an engaging, interactive learning environment, even solving equations can be fun.

Children can master addition and subtraction skills with Math Fun 1st Grade: Addition & Subtraction by Selectsoft, now available for Windows 8. Selectsoft is pleased to bring this Mac App Store top 50 education app to the Windows 8 Store with a kid-friendly touch interface. Math Fun 1st Grade teaches fundamental math skills using a variety of fun exercises and puzzles, including math bingo, magic squares, word problems, anagrams and more. With a colorful, easy-to-use interface and engaging lessons, Math Fun makes learning on Windows 8 devices even more entertaining. It's a stress-free way for children to practice and explore critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Math Fun 1st Grade encourages the development of fundamental addition and subtraction skills for all ages. A strong understanding of arithmetic is essential for children at any stage in life. Math Fun 1st Grade helps children grasp such basic math concepts such as patterns of ten, mental calculations, place values, equations, inequalities and more using over 200 carefully designed exercises and drills. A combination of real-life situations and fun math games reinforce learning and make math concepts come alive. Bright pictures, drag-and-drop gameplay and a helpful robot guide make even the trickiest ideas kid-friendly.

Math Fun 1st Grade features 10 activity sections, each of which focuses on a different concept or learning approach. Sections 1 and 2 introduce the ideas of addition and subtraction by asking users to count objects. Section 3 lets children practice their arithmetical skills by solving simple equations to reveal colorful pictures. Section 4 introduces number families and shows how they can be useful in quickly solving equations. Users are introduced to patterns of ten in Section 5, allowing for a focus on mental arithmetic and larger numbers that is continued in Section 6, which introduces place value. Section 7 covers inequality, while the last three sections provide a fun review through word problems, magic squares and bingo games. Math Fun shows that with an engaging, interactive learning environment, even solving equations can be fun.

With the successful launch of Math Fun 1st Grade for Windows 8, Selectsoft is working to quickly release their entire Fun With learning series, including Math Fun 2nd Grade, Reading Fun 1st Grade, Vocabulary & Spelling Fun 1st Grade and Grammar Fun 2nd Grade.

About Math Fun 1st Grade:

Kids can acquire a solid foundation in math and have a great time doing it! A friendly robot guides kids on a math adventure with easy-to-understand lessons and entertaining games. Over 200 exercises cover basic math concepts using puzzle-solving, word problems, pictures and more.


  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Over 200 exercises and games to reinforce learning
  • Covers equations, number families, patterns of ten, place value, inequality and more
  • Includes magic squares, bingo, word problems, shape matching and more for a varied challenge

Explore the universe of addition and subtraction with 10 kinds of activities:

  • Counting: Learn how to do simple addition by counting objects
  • Subtraction: Move items and count how many are left
  • Equations: Solve equations to decode scrambled words
  • Number Families: Easily switch between addition and subtraction
  • Patterns of Ten: Practice mental arithmetic
  • Place Value: Learn about tens, hundreds, and thousands
  • Inequality: Learn about greater than and less than
  • Word Problems: Practice math with written questions
  • Magic Squares: Fill in the squares so the numbers add up in each direction
  • Bingo: Find the answers to the equations on bingo cards

Selectsoft is a leading developer of family-friendly games and apps, creating best-selling games for Nintendo DS™ and Wii™, iPhone®, iPad®, Android and PC. They're also one of the largest independent publishers of PC software, featuring licensed content from Broderbund, Disney, The Learning Company and many more. For almost 20 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family. Visit to learn more.

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