New Search Engine Aims to Correct Industry-Wide Link Imbalance

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New Search Engine, the SEO Engine, reveals that 99% of the Websites it crawls have "Link Imbalance". Accordingly, it has released several new innovative Internet Marketing Tools focused on helping Website owners to balance their Website's Link Flow.

Link Flow Distribution

The SEO Engine shows each Webpage's Link Flow Distribution percentage in the Website

By making very small adjustments to the internal linking architecture of a Website, major increases in Search Engine rankings can be achieved.

A recent internal study by the SEO Software provider, SEO Engine(TM), a new type of Search Engine that reveals how Search Engines rank and score Websites, confirmed the long-standing belief that a large majority of the Websites it has crawled to-date are afflicted with "Link Imbalance". On the SEO Engine's Website, proper Link Balance is defined as the condition when the distribution of Link Flow(R) corresponds from the order of the most competitive markets to the least competitive markets.

"Link Flow is a trademarked term which represents a more accurate Page Rank," says Scott Allen Stouffer, President of Technology at the SEO Engine. "When a Website has Link Imbalance, that means the wrong Link Flow Distributions are flowing to the wrong Webpages within a Website. It is kind of like a car that has its wheels out of alignment. The faster you drive that car, the more unstable it becomes. Unfortunately, many Internet Marketing firms are doing just that for their clients," says Stouffer, "the more Links a Website obtains, or the more External Incoming Link Flow it has, the more Link Flow Distribution becomes important. With proper Link Balance, all of the Webpages in a Website start ranking higher on Search Engines, not just a few Webpages."

The accumulative effect that proper Link Balance has is dramatic, says Stouffer. "We have seen clients report back a 100x traffic increase, simply from balancing their Link Flow Distributions." Link Flow Distribution is simply a Search Engine's way of viewing the order of importance of each Webpage in a Website. As Websites gain popularity, they are often linked to by other Webpages on the Internet. This linking causes Search Engines to attribute more importance to that linked Webpage. But the internal linking structure of a Website continues to pass that importance on to other Webpages in that Website. When a Website has proper Link Balance, the importance is distributed to the most competitive Webpages first.

Stouffer explains that, "the SEO Engine first calculates the competitiveness of each Webpage in a Website. Then, it assigns a 'Target Link Flow Distribution %' based on which Webpages need the most Link Flow. The more competitive a Market Focus(TM) is, the more Link Flow a Webpage needs." For instance, a Webpage that shows up for the phrase 'cars' is going to need much more Link Flow than a Webpage that shows up for the phrase '1979 Lincoln Versailles'. The difference between the 'Actual Link Flow Distribution %' and the 'Target Link Flow Distribution %' is what the new Link Flow Balance screen inside the SEO Engine shows. By making very small adjustments to the internal linking architecture of a Website, major increases in Search Engine rankings can be achieved.

Localize It, an Internet Marketing firm and one of the thousands of SEO Engine customers using this new type of Search Engine, reveals how important the Link Flow calculations are to SEO. "With years of experience, and through countless spreadsheets of calculating Link Flow, the value of Links has always been a process. Seeing and utilizing the SEO Engine has taken a lot of the guess work out of what a site is delivering in terms of Link Flow, both incoming and outgoing," says Localize It's Director, Aaron Greene.

The new Link Flow Balance screen can be viewed by clicking on any of the Link Flow Distribution percentages on any screen inside the SEO Engine. By purchasing an SEOPass(TM) to SEO Engine data, the user can jump inside of the Search Engine to see exactly how Webpages and Links are scored. The SEO Engine sells these SEOPasses to individual Websites, and has an OEM Program for SEO professionals which includes many additional business features like Lead Generation and Tracking. For those Website owners who need help with Search Engine Optimization, the SEO Engine has a list of qualified Internet Marketing Companies that it recommends.

ABOUT: The SEO Engine is a new kind of Interactive Search Engine that provides accurate and powerful Internet Marketing Tools for Online Marketing Agencies, SEOs, and Webmasters. The Search Engine reveals vital Website Ranking Data via a unique Web-based interface. Try it free by going to and entering a URL.


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