Shiny Reputation Shares How Server Uptime Can Influence Your Business

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With server and connection problems being issues that occur from time to time, Shiny Reputation advocate the findings of a new MegaPath Marketing that reveal how these seemingly innocuous problems can add up to a lot in terms of cost – putting the reputation of the business at stake too, in some cases.

Server outages can be stressful and frustrating – not only for business owners, but for customers as well. While most businesses would have a greater percentage of uptime than downtime, the fact remains that if outages recur for various durations of time, it leads customers away from the business – right into the waiting hands of the competition. Shiny Reputation advocates the recent news of how outages can have a telling impact on the business, if not kept in check.

There are various causes for outages i.e. power outages, hardware faults, software bugs etc. However, business owners need to beware of outages that are both long in duration and frequent in occurrence. According to MegaPath:

  •     73% of business have had some types of operations interruptions in the past 5 years
  •     During that time, the cost of losses have been in the region of $70 million
  •     This equates to less than 99.9% efficiency or server uptime

When business owners proudly claim that their businesses are up 99.5% of the times – a claim that might actually sound to belong to the “too-good-to-be-true” category, work out the math behind it. At 99.5% uptime, the business still has 44 hours of downtime in an year. 99.9% of uptime equates to 9 hours of downtime and 99.99% is about an hour of downtime in an year! A survey by Monitis revealed that 56% of online shoppers canceled their orders if the website was too slow or if there was any error on the website. Bear in mind that this did not usually mean that these respondents stopped shopping online or waited to place an order on another day – they merely went over to the competition to make their purchases. Further, some of these disgruntled customers used word-of-mouth publicity or posted negative Yelp reviews that can be seen on the internet for a long time. The best reputation management companies would not be able to get these off the internet either.

Shiny Reputation asks, "So how can a business ensure that they keep their server uptimes at an optimum level?" They suggest that business owners should check system configuration and maintenance schedules regularly. Further, server upgrades should also be done regularly along with routine preventive maintenance. While businesses spend large sums of money in purchasing expensive software and content, quality hardware is the most basic foundation for success.

Businesses would do well to monitor their server downtimes aggressively, according to Shiny Reputation. Having seen that even 99.99% of uptime takes away an hour’s worth of business annually, it would make sense to ensure that server uptime is optimized so as to ensure optimal returns on investment.

Shiny Reputation does just that – enable businesses to influence their Yelp reviews with simple techniques. For those interested in signing up for advanced training, additional steps that can help improving their Yelp reviews are also shared.

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