Obama's Foreign Policy Priority and Aggressive Sexual Rights Agenda Causes Anti-U.S. Sentiments, According to New Documentary

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Current U.S. foreign policy, based on a directive from President Obama to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, may be at the heart of Muslim rage and anti-U.S. protests in Christian countries as well. A new documentary, "Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda" also suggests current U.S. "AIDS prevention" approaches may be fostering increased occurrence of AIDS.

"Most Americans are not aware that Obama issued a directive ... to make advancing LGBT rights in foreign countries a U.S. foreign policy priority." - Sharon Slater, FWI president

Current U.S. foreign policy is hurting individuals and families and thus helping to fuel anti-American sentiment abroad, according to a new documentary, "Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda," released on the Internet this week by Family Watch International (FWI).

Family Watch, a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization that works to protect the family at the United Nations, says the documentary calls attention to the “Obama administration’s bullying, bribing and blackmailing of developing countries to impose a radical ‘sexual rights’ agenda.”
In conjunction with the documentary release, FWI also is organizing a coalition, Stand for Families Worldwide, to call on the U.S. Congress to block further funding of the Obama policy. Part of this effort is an international petition to Congress.

“Most Americans are not aware that Obama issued a directive to all U.S. embassies to make advancing ‘LGBT rights’ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) in foreign countries a U.S. foreign policy priority,” explained Sharon Slater, FWI president. “As policy analysts in the U.S. are increasingly focusing on the reasons for the widespread and violent anti-American demonstrations that have swept the Islamic world, it is essential that they and the American people have all the facts.”

“Obama’s policy is harming families across the developing world and contributing to this growing anti-American sentiment, especially in largely Muslim and Christian nations,” Slater continued. “Many individuals and government leaders in these nations see this as a direct assault on their religious and cultural values.”

The sexual rights agenda the Obama administration is promoting includes the full range of LGBT demands, Slater said. It also includes pressuring countries to legalize prostitution and same-sex marriage; provide abortion on demand; destigmatizing homosexual behavior, breaking down traditional values that support fidelity and abstinence; and pushing graphic sexuality education for children as young as age 10.

“We created this documentary in response to the resentment and outright anger that we encountered from the diplomats we work closely with at the UN, mostly from Islamic, African and Caribbean countries Slater said. “It should come as no surprise that this agenda is meeting with intense opposition in traditional Islamic and Christian nations.”

Family Watch is not claiming that the Obama directive was the flashpoint for the recent wave of anti-American demonstrations. “But certainly, it is a critical factor in understanding the environment in which these protests are occurring,” Slater said. “Take for example the backlash against Obama’s foreign policy directive to advance LGBT rights in Pakistan. After the U.S embassy in Pakistan hosted a ‘Gay Pride Day Reception’ in accordance with Obama’s directive, protest demonstrations erupted, and the country’s largest Islamist party labeled this U.S.-sponsored event an act of ‘social and cultural terrorism.’”

“To add insult to injury,” Slater added, “the Obama administration is now airing paid commercials in Pakistan in a vain attempt to try to convince the Pakistani people that the Obama administration does in fact respect their religious values; however, the Pakistani people are fully aware that what the Obama administration is saying on the one hand is not what they are doing on the other.”

The Obama foreign policy directive is allegedly intended to prevent violence against LGBT people in foreign countries. While this is a “laudable goal,” Slater said, the Family Watch documentary and the documentation found at http://www.StandforFamiliesWorldwide.org shows that this directive also is intended to mainstream acceptance of LGBT lifestyles and promote the sexual rights of LGBT people in foreign countries.

Finally, the Cultural Imperialism documentary also examines the toll that the sexual rights approach to combatting AIDS is having on the family and family values in developing countries, and how this approach is actually increasing HIV infection rates. “This is a tragedy within a tragedy,” Slater said. “Not only are Obama’s policies weakening the family, the fundamental unit of every successful society, but, as our documentary shows, they are also resulting in unnecessary deaths from AIDS of countless people in these countries, further devastating them.”

Family Watch International is a non-partisan, non-religious based organization that takes positions on family issues based on social science research, legal scholarship and the lessons of history and what leads to the best outcomes for men, women, and children.

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