Seymour Kushner’s Holistic Health Advocacy Affirmed by CNN Report on Stress Mitigation

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Holistic health advocate Seymour Kushner says new CNN story on stress mitigation rightly underscores importance of whole-body health.

There are many known methods for decreasing stress and increasing health and fitness, ranging from proper diet to breathing exercises to the power of positive thinking. According to a new report from CNN, the true answer to stress mitigation might lie in a combination of all of these methods. CNN’s study addresses the popular concept of “mindfulness,” which it claims has been scientifically proven to prevent depression and “positively [affect] the brain patterns underlying day-to-say anxiety, stress, depression, and irritability.” According to holistic health expert Seymour Kushner, CNN’s report underscores an important point about health—that it must involve the entire being if it is to be truly effective.

Himself a proponent of the pescetarian diet and of yoga, Seymour Kushner notes that wellness and stress mitigation must involve the entirety of the person, something he says the CNN report affirms. In the report, CNN defines mindfulness as “paying whole-hearted attention” to the actions that impact one’s health, actions that range from breathing patterns to the food one consumes.

Seymour Kushner praises the article for what he says is a holistic attitude toward fitness and happy, healthy living. The CNN report takes into account diet by advising readers to indulge in a piece of chocolate, but also to take into mind the full sensory experience and be “mindful” of the range of flavors.

Similarly, CNN’s report encourages readers to take a walk and remain mindful of sensory details such as colors seen and smells encountered. Taking time for breathing meditations is also recommended. According to Seymour Kushner, these methods can rightly be termed holistic because they take into account the full complexity of bodily systems rather than separate them into different concerns. Seymour Kushner notes that, even if readers do not take all of the specific suggestions made in the CNN study, its admonition to consider different bodily systems in tandem is essential for happy, holistic living.


Seymour Kushner is an advocate in the area of holistic health. He is a proponent of yoga and meditation as well as more strenuous fitness regimes, and also endorses the pedestrian lifestyle.


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