Marble Media LLC’s Discusses the Problem of Comfort Eating

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In its newest blog, Marble Media LLC’s reviews the reasons people turn to comfort foods during stressful periods and offers a new approach to changing old habits.

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Even the best attempts at weight loss can be unraveled by the stress-induced temptations of stress-induced eating., an online resource for healthy weight loss habits, has published a new blog focused on the common habit of turning to comfort foods during stressful times. The blog goes beyond describing what foods to avoid, telling readers more about how stress-induced chemicals, bad habits and buried emotions can sabotage weight loss attempts.

Even the best attempts at weight loss can be unraveled by the temptations of stress-induced eating. When individuals are under stress, whether caused by a tough day, a chaotic home life, loss or depression, there are metabolic and psychological reasons that food becomes an automatic pacifier even to the most determined dieters.

It helps to understand the reasons people turn to food under stress, and looks at the most common reasons for blowing a diet:

Cortisol: Stress triggers the release of a hormone called cortisol, which under normal circumstances is meant to enable the body to adapt to stressors or external changes. When cortisol levels become excessive, which can happen when stress is extreme or chronic, it can trigger cravings for high-carb sweet and salty foods.

Bad habits: Many people learned early in life that when times got tough, dessert got bigger. Adults who learned as children that comfort could be found in a home cooked meal, or that a success could be celebrated by a trip to McDonald’s can spend years struggling with their weight. People who dealt with stress through food as children are going to carry that habit into adulthood, often without even realizing it.

Emotional outlet: Those people who avoid confrontation and deal with frustration with food are obviously confusing the comfort they receive from food with a real remedy for depression. By turning to food for comfort, individuals actually take the focus off of their anger and frustration with the temporary sense of well-being that comfort food provides.

Using food to relieve stress is not a permanent solution, and since it will sabotage weight loss efforts, it can create a vicious cycle of failure and weight gain. advises readers to take steps to face up to problems and make changes, whether it means finding a new job, shedding friends who bring out negative feelings – whatever it takes to lower stressors. Learning how to relax and finding healthier ways to cope with stress are healthy substitutes to turning to food when stress levels rise.

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