Sleep and Weight Loss - The Connection and the Results of Various Studies Revealed

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Sleep and weight loss connection and its results as evident from various studies has finally been revealed. The importance of sleep as the key to mental and physical wellbeing and how inadequate sleep can lead to poor food choice is explained at

Sleep and weight loss

Sleep and weight loss

Sleep and weight loss research has shown that restricted sleep leads to increased food consumption in healthy people, and that a self-reported desire for sweet and salty food increases after a period of sleep deprivation. Many people don’t realize is that proper sleep is just as important to health as diet and exercise.

Sleep loss may prevent the higher brain functions from making appropriate food choices, rather than necessarily changing activity in deeper brain structures that react to basic desire. People who are sleep deprived makes the worst food choices and they have a much harder time saying “no” to junk food. As they are far more likely to succumb to their junk food cravings, the connection between sleep and weight loss seems to be a lot stronger as confirmed through various studies.

Functional magnetic response imaging or FMRI proves that the sight of unhealthy junk food stimulates the part of the brain that suffers when people have a sleep deficit. The unhealthy food response was a neuronal pattern specific to restricted sleep which may suggest greater propensity to succumb to unhealthy foods when one is sleep restricted.

A new post at talks about why people often succumb to junk food when sleep-deprived and offers detailed information about sleep and weight loss.

Investigators determined that sleep deprivation prevents the proper structuring of the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for control and making complex choices such as the selection of food. So, people who don’t get enough sleep not only eat more but they also eat worse.

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