SmallWorlds Releases First Web-Accessible, Virtual World With Mass Market Appeal

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SmallWorlds is a new browser-based, free-to-play virtual world aimed at the 13 years plus demographic.

The coolest Flex application I've ever seen

SmallWorlds is a new browser-based, free-to-play virtual world aimed at the 13 years plus demographic. Sitting at the intersection of web2.0, social networking, and entertainment, it wraps them all into a virtual world environment that breaks significant new ground in accessibility. Mark Szulc of Adobe called SmallWorlds "the best online interactive experience currently on the web."

A virtual world for the masses
SmallWorlds is the first web-accessible, casual virtual world which is designed for mass market appeal. Online virtual worlds have traditionally been impeded by a number of factors preventing them from breaking through niche markets to appeal to a broad demographic. These include the need to download and install the application, complicated and intimidating user interfaces, difficulty in navigating and finding things to do in the world, and limited options to customize the world and their experience without a sophisticated level of computer expertise.

SmallWorlds breaks through these limitations and brings the very best in accessibility and interaction design from the Web2.0 era. SmallWorlds makes the richness of a multi-dimensional social and entertainment experience available to anyone and everyone from 13 to 103. Of SmallWorlds, Ryan Stewart, Rich Internet Application Evangelist at Adobe and ZDNet blogger said "...filled with Web 2.0 goodness everywhere you look" and called SmallWorlds "The coolest Flex application I've ever seen"

A 1st class citizen of the web
SmallWorlds has been built as a "first class citizen" of the web from the ground up. In the 3D world of SmallWorlds the equivalent of a traditional 2D webpage is a 3D space, and just like any web page, each 3D space has its own URL. This means that SmallWorlds users are easily able to invite their friends into the room they have created; perhaps to play a multiplayer game or together watch a funny YouTube video they have just found - by simply instant-messaging or emailing their friends the URL of their customized space.

By complying with web standards like supporting the browser history backward/forward buttons, incorporating third party web widgets and media, and the ability to be embedded into any web page, SmallWorlds is the first virtual world to be a true first class citizen of the web. Running in almost any web browser on virtually all mainstream Operating Systems, SmallWorlds is instantly accessible to the estimated 98% of people who already have the Adobe Flash Player installed on their computer.

Web2.0 meets Web3.D
One of the unique innovations of SmallWorlds is the way it incorporates and integrates the best features of web2.0. Users furnish their 3D space with Flickr posters and picture frames, YouTube TVs, and configurable music players. Unlike enjoying computer media alone, SmallWorlds uses its "Social Interplay Engine" to enable friends to share favorite videos, music, images and widgets, together - in real-time.

Build your own world
In the same way that blogs and social networks have made self-expression and the creation of personal spaces on the web easily accessible to the masses, SmallWorlds brings the richness of a 3D world to a new generation of User Generated Content. In SmallWorlds, our motto is "Build your own World", and right from initial interactions within SmallWorlds, users easily customize a unique identity and create their own engaging spaces. These spaces can then be shared with a close group of friends, a club, guild or community, or anyone and everyone on the web.

A whole new dimension of self expression, entertainment and socialization
SmallWorlds is a new convergence product responding to the demand for richer, more social and participative forms of entertainment and self-expression. It brings together the enticing combination of web2.0, social networking, and entertainment - and wraps them all into a virtual world environment that breaks significant new ground in accessibility. SmallWorlds gives users the ability to create their own 3D spaces in which they can share textured, real-time experiences with their friends and others. By integrating the most compelling features of the current personal publishing, social engagement and entertainment trends, co-founders Mitch Olson and Darren Green aim to provide internet users with a new platform where self expression, entertainment and socialization takes place on a whole new dimension.

About SmallWorlds:
SmallWorlds has been developed by Outsmart - an innovative software development studio that for the last few years has specialized in the development of Rich Internet Applications. Outsmart creates best-of-breed technology products and services by marrying the world-class skills of their software designers with the best of available technology. SmallWorlds - their first virtual world product, has been 18 months in development. Over this time, Outsmart has made the shift from a service business to a product business and for the past 6 months have focussed their entire team on the creation of SmallWorlds.

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