Small Business Will Pull America Out of the Recession Stimulus Creates Jobs for Long Branch, NJ Company

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Stimulus package helps small business (educational supplier) to grow and hire new employees. Despite the bad economic news this company has a positive view of the future. They celebrated tax day by issuing employee profit sharing bonuses.

projects. All construction and energy projects will require testing and measurement to complete the task. We have seen an increase in quote requests and are anticipating that these quotes convert into sales towards the end of the year.

While the US economy casts a grim outlook for many companies, at and affiliate, headquartered in Long Branch, NJ, the outlook is a bit sunnier. In fact, while employees and executive at companies throughout the Metro New York and New Jersey areas face fears of little or no year-end incentives, employees at these two related companies can look forward to a significant bonus (in excess of $55K), earmarked in the company profit sharing plan. Likewise, in these times of high unemployment, while others face layoffs, Tequipment.NET and have increased personnel and continue to expand.

While executives on Wall Street see this bonus as the cost to fuel their corporate jets for a short trip, the employees at see this deposit into the company profit sharing plan as a major incentive. After years of neglect and mismanagement by the executives on Wall Street, it will be the small to mid-size business on Main Street, like Tequipment and Touchboards, which America needs to pull us out of this recession.

These are positive signs of expansion in the midst of so much widespread bleakness. In these hard times, this NJ internet retailer continues to thrive and grow. From 2007 to 2008, this business saw 38% growth. In 2009, growth is still projected. This track record of growth in times of adversity, demonstrates the power of America's small businesses. Events will hopefully only continue to look rosy and upbeat as the overall economy straightens out and improves over the long term.

President Obama's stimulus package and positive spin on America, is largely to thank for this continuing growth. The Touchboards division and its line of interactive whiteboards, chalk-board-like displays which allow data and information to be manipulated and presented to a classroom, will benefit from the technology and education portion of Obama's economic stimulus package. will benefit from the stimulus package's construction and energy arm. This shows that government spending equates to more than just pork, and pie in the sky daydreaming. Indeed, here is an example of how government can work for the main street business.

Of course, the nature of a stimulus should be to stimulate. As President of both Touchboards and affiliate Tequipment.NET, Rich Wagner explains, "The stimulus package is nice boost for us. We are anticipating good things and are hiring more people in sales and support roles to handle the projected increase in business. We are lucky. We have two divisions that can benefit from this investment in America. Our interactive whiteboards, (smartboard), are the type of technology that the President is hoping to get into the classroom."

This allows the relationship between the current administrator and a technology company to be a reciprocal one. Money from the stimulus program leads to growth and expansion of operations on a micro-economic scale. This in turn is equivalent to dollars being cycled through purchases and sales, on a macroeconomic level. This will create new jobs within growing companies and increase wages and profit-sharing and investments on a day-to-day. These strategic ideas that Tequipment and Touchboards accept and invest in will impact and contribute in a positive environment to the surrounding New Jersey shore economies. This is a clear case of "what-goes-around-comes-around".

Touchboards/Tequipment.NET President Rich Wagner offers a clear example of this relationship of reciprocity noting that the "top selling product is the American made Polyvision eno board". Because the interactive whiteboards of Polyvision and other similar manufacturers such as Fluke Meter are American made, this converts to more jobs for Americans." Jobs seem to be a clear measurement and indicator of the effectiveness of this ongoing economic stimulus package.

Touchboards/Tequipment.NET President Rich Wagner further points out:

"Our division sells test and measurement equipment and there is always a need for this type of equipment. We really benefit from those "shovel ready" projects. All construction and energy projects will require testing and measurement to complete the task. We have seen an increase in quote requests and are anticipating that these quotes convert into sales towards the end of the year."

The future is always uncertain. Financial publications, if anything, have been noticeably reticent about making any definite predictions concerning the months and years ahead, and silence on these matters may strike a disconcerting chord.

It's not news to dwell upon these hard times. Publications like Business Week and The Wall Street Journal, and the writers therein, tend to agree that the recent economy has been rather bleak and that the present is uncertain at best. The news is that and Tequipment.NET have weathered some difficult times. This supports the old adage commonplace among the financial markets that ultimately what matters are the fundamentals. That is to say not so much the contextual environmental factors, both positive and negative, but rather, from an accounting perspective. It is imperative to look at the items on the balance sheet, the proverbial "bottom line", evaluating the operational and managerial strengths and weaknesses of a company itself.

This is more than just about numbers. Quite likely the most important factors to success in business, as in life, are the qualities, attributes, and characteristics of the people involved and their abilities utilized while working together in groups and as teams. It is the individuals and groups who make the difference, not the economy. The exemplary performance, as shown by the management and employees in these companies, Touchboards and Tequipment.NET, has risen above adverse conditions. This demonstrates how market factors alone cannot limit and excuse success. Therein is a lesson for all of us. Persistence, perseverance and drive...qualities like these can outweigh conditions and situations of adversity. Perhaps that is the most important lesson of all.

About Touchboards and Tequipment.NET:

An internet based company located in Long Branch NJ. Founded in 2003, with basically no money. In 2008 the company generated 25 million in sales and employees 40 people.


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