New Smash-It™ Pneumatic Compactors Save Facilities Money, Space, and Time

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Air Cycle Corporation is proud to announce a new addition to their product line: Smash-It™ pneumatic compactors. Powered by compressed air, Smash-It™ compacts waste into 55 gallon drums or cubic yard boxes. Smash-It™ compactors produce up to 6,000 lbs of crushing force, allowing facilities to compact waste to up to 20% of its original size.

Smash-It compactors save facilities significant amounts of money, time, and space

Facilities using Smash-It™ can cut down their number of waste pickups by up to 80%. In fact, most Smash-It™ users find that the machines pay for themselves after 3-6 months.

Air Cycle Corporation prides itself on offering products that meet the basic needs of facilities and their employees. Air Cycle is most well-known as the home of the Bulb Eater, an innovative fluorescent lamp crushing system that substantially reduces the cost of lamp disposal while providing time and space savings compared to boxing lamps for pickup. Smash-It™ compactors carry on this tradition, offering significant cost, time, and space savings vs. standard waste disposal methods.

Here’s where these savings come from: by compacting with Smash-It™, facilities can reduce the overall volume of their waste, which lets facilities get more of that waste into fewer containers. Smaller numbers of containers means lower disposal costs, as facilities using Smash-It™ can cut down their number of expensive waste pickups by up to 80%. In fact, most Smash-It™ users find that the machines pay for themselves after 3-6 months. Smash-It™ is a time saver too; smaller amounts of waste means employees spend less time moving containers around a facility, and less time filling out waste pickup paperwork. Finally, compacting waste means up to 80% less waste containers are needed by facility, opening up valuable new space for employees.

Smash-It™ compactors are especially beneficial for compacting hazardous waste such as paint filters, paint masking material, and disposable clothing, as well as rags, gloves, wipes and general trash.

Smash-It™ compactors are also simple and safe to operate. A 55 gallon drum or cubic yard box full of waste is placed on the compactor’s platform. The operator of the compactor stands next to the machine and places both hands on the OSHA-approved start buttons. Designed with safety in mind, Smash-It™ compactors use a two-hand, no tie-down circuit that provides output only when the operator presses both of the machine's buttons simultaneously. After both buttons are pressed the compaction plate descends and compacts the waste inside the container. Once the buttons are released the compaction plate is automatically retracted. The entire compacting cycle takes less than a minute. Click here to see a video of Smash-It™ in action.

Smash-It™ is currently in use in hundreds of facilities of all types all over the world. facilities that use Smash-It™ include warehouses, military bases, universities, factories, and large ships. 3M, DuPont, the US Army, General Electric, Safety-Kleen , and Ohio State University are just a few of the companies and organizations experiencing the cost, time, and space savings that Smash-It™ has to offer. Please visit or contact Air Cycle at 800-909-9709 for more information on how Smash-It™ compactors can help your facility.


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