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People all over the world use social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others, but there are security threats associated if social media is not used properly. The safety and security experts at created a list of safety tips users of social media can follow to avoid being targeted by thieves and criminals.

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What someone says on social media can easily lead to theft or robbery. Criminals realize that the information available on social media is an easy way to keep tabs on victims.

Social media is a common and everyday part of many people’s lives. Social media sites can be a great way to stay connected to friends and family, grow businesses and even network and find employment, but these sites are not without their risks. Being part of a social media site can create security threats, when used improperly. There are a number of predators and would-be thieves that troll social media sites, looking for personal information to use for identity theft purposes, or even to target the homes and personal property and safety of people on social media sites. Even individuals and families who take the utmost in security precautions within their homes, and have a top home security system are often ignoring a big possible source of security threats when it comes to social media.

According to the security professionals at, there are precautions users of social media can take to avoid being a target of crime. is a home security system review site, offering wireless security system reviews and cellular home security system reviews.

1.    Never put information telling social media users the location of the members of a household. For example, if a family is going on vacation, family members should never advertise this information, because it is a sign to thieves that a home will be empty. The same goes for anytime people in the house will be away, for example for work, or other events. It’s also important for people to avoid advertising if they will be home alone, particularly young people, single women or other individuals who can be seen as easy targets.

2.    Don’t share birthday, age or place of birth on social media sites. This information can be used in identity theft. In fact, many criminals and identity thieves can guess social security numbers based only on this information.

3.    Be cautious when using social media that features geo-tagging. This type of software displays the location of social media users, so criminals can use this information to determine when people are away from home, or even their location to target an individual’s personal safety. People who use social media should also avoid sharing aspects of their daily routine, because this is another opportunity for criminals to target the person.

4.    Become familiar with the security and privacy settings of each individual social media site used. Often, people that use social media will rely on their knowledge of these settings, and feel safe posting personal information because they feel security settings will provide protection from potential threats, but social media sites change these settings frequently, so users should check often to ensure the utmost security settings are in place for their accounts. Users should familiarize themselves with privacy settings and regulations frequently, and be aware of any updates or changes.

5.    Don’t post personal information, such as email address, phone number or address. Even if security settings on a social media site only allow for friends to see this information, it’s still best to avoid having this information displayed on social media. This is important not only for personal and home security, but is also a protection against the possibility of identity theft.

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