Restaurants, Telecom and Airline Brands’ Tweets are mostly Replies. Restaurants Reply Fastest - says Unmetric

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Replies account for as much as 90% of all tweets by restaurants, telecom and airline brands (source: data for August 2011)

Unmetric - The Social Media Bechmarking Company provides Competitive Social Media Intellligence & Benchmarking

Unmetric - The Social Media Bechmarking Company

While the average restaurant replied in 2.5 hrs, airlines took 4 hours and telecom brands took 9 hours to reply to customers’ tweets.

Most tweets by large restaurant chains (QSRs) and leading telecom and airline brands are @replies. This stands to reason, considering that these are primarily service and experience driven brands. An analysis of the sentiment around the questions tweeted to brands also reveals some interesting insights. While 32% of the tweets directed at Telecom brands are positive in sentiment, the number is higher (40%) for restaurants. On an average, about 8% of the tweets addressed at brands across these sectors were negative. Interestingly, there are huge variances in the average reply time (ART) too. While the average restaurant replied in 2.5 hrs, airlines took 4 hours and telecom brands took 9 hours to reply to customers’ tweets.
(source: Unmetric August 2011 Data)

These, and other interesting data are available on Unmetric, the Social Media Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence Company based on its growing database of the social media analytics of over a thousand brands across the world. Unmetric’s coverage includes leading social media brands in the restaurant, telecom and airline sectors - like Verizon, AT&T, JetBlue, SouthWest, Starbucks & Chipotle. The Unmetric web application also captures other interesting data on brands’ points of presence on Facebook and Twitter - from fan and follower growth and profiles to engagement metrics and response parameters.

Essentially, the company observes that most brands are flying blind on social media and that the absence of relative benchmarks so far has proved a detriment to big brands who are used to competitive benchmarking and intelligence on other media.

Currently in beta, Unmetric is currently being evaluated by marquee brands from Fortune 100 companies. At this time, Unmetric provides data on Facebook and Twitter, and includes sector specific benchmarks for various sectors. The web application also has a unique content intelligence module that uses an optimal mix of intelligent algorithms and a team of human analysts to dissect the content strategies of brands on Facebook.

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