Social Media Manners Key To Business Profitability

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Each Tuesday at 10pm ET you will find a group of people tweeting using the hashtag #SMManners in hopes to bring back grace , charm and manners to the online business community. With all the generations congregating in one place now, there is a clash of what is considered acceptable behavior when connecting and doing business online today.

There are opportunities for everyone to take responsibility for how they communicate online and build relationships at same time.

People are now complaining everyday about the lack of simple courtesy online. Is it because folks are sitting at a computer and not face to face that gives them the audacity to be so rude to each other when on Facbook or Twitter? Is it a generational communication issue that the traditionalist and the millennial will never see the same light? Or is it that folks are desperate in these financial times? They think they can jump the lake from unknown to trusted business advisor.

“Whether you are new to social media or a veteran, all of us appreciate knowing we are respected when tweeting with each other” according to Michele Price, founder of Social Media For Smart People and co host of Social Media Manners #SMManners. Social media has grown weary with MLM reps and pitchmen coming online, jumping into the conversations without so much as a hello-nice to meet you.” This callous practice is not solitary in social media it happens across several forums in business. It is the same as stepping in front of someone in a face to face conversation and saying... “Hey, you need to buy my stuff.”

The proliferation of communications via email, tweets, Facebook comments and Linkedin invitations , is it a wonder folks are tuning out and turning off. Who possibly has the time to answer hundreds of requests each day that we did not ask to be included in or interrupted.

How do you handle this with a quorum of social etiquette? Post clearly on your Facebook page you do not take requests via Facebook mail to please direct all invitations and requests to a specific email address you can manage in one place. Place in your bio on Twitter you do not answer DM’s or even better make it part of your landing page background on Twitter directing people where they can contact you. By taking control and giving people a simple explanation of where and how to connect with you, you take back control of your time. This is a case of simple social media manners. “While it sounds simple, how many people have actually put that measure into place?” she suggests ”There are opportunities for everyone to take responsibility for how they communicate online and build relationships at same time.”

Social Media For Smart People is a New Media agency that trains businesses in effective online strategies that build profitable relationships driving growth. You can hear Michele Price every Monday on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio at 12pm ET. Creating community for serviced based professionals, learning business success mindset and web 2.0 tools,techniques & strategies.


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