PC Backup Utilities 2008 a Solution for Data backup and Computer Clone

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PC Backup Utilities 2008 produced by PC Disk Tools Corporation has released a new upgrade for a better compatibility with most hardware of PCs, Laptops and Servers and speed up a much faster transfer rate for hard drive cloning, mass system deploy and data backup.

PC Backup Utilities 2008 Professional Edition

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PC Backup Utilities 2008 produced by PC Disk Tools Corporation has released a new upgrade for a better compatibility with most hardware of PCs, Laptops and Servers and speed up a much faster transfer rate for hard drive cloning and data backup.
This utility has PC Disk Clone, PC Network Clone, FileLog, PC File Backup totally four software bundled together to help individual users and organizations in Hard Disk Cloning, Mass System Migration, File Changes Tracking and Data Incremental Backup.

PC Disk Clone 8.0 is a solution for cloning hard drive, ghosting bootable systems, copying disk contents to external drive. Systems that were cloned successfully including Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95, Linux, Unix, NetBSD, Solaris. If you are planning to replace your hard disk drive with a new one and don't want to bother yourself in reinstalling system and programs again, then PC Disk Clone can help you upgrade all the contents to a new drive over USB, Firewire cables with high speed. If you copy disk content to internal disk connected with SCSI, SATA or IDE, disk cloning can fire up to maximum of 7GB/min.

For enterprises, PC Disk Clone cannot accommodate the needs for deploying systems massively. Corporations often require an automatic and intelligent solution to deploy one computer's system to others concurrently instead of installing each one respectively. To solve this problem, PC Disk Tools released PC Network Clone to help corporations and schools deploy hundreds and thousands of computers simultaneously. All the procedure is automated without much of interaction. The biggest advantage of PC Network Clone is to save time and money by eliminating the need of installing each computer system manually. With its efficient and stable performance, technicians within corporations or schools can easily clone one computer hard drive to up to 20 client computers over local network with up to 65GB/min throughput.

Besides System Clone software, PC Disk Tools has produced two other products for Data Backup on Windows Systems. They can be used either for personal file backup and document management within company.
PC File Backup can easily back up your Office documents, emails, sensitive and critical data to a zip file. After the initial backup, every backup afterwards will be processed in terms of incremental backup or differential backup. Only modified files are added to the zip file. If you have lots of documents to backup, this mechanism saves you a lot of time, since it will only copy your modified files to its zip file, and it's almost as fast as several seconds.

FileLog 2008 is an innovative product for file backup and version management. It can track and save any changes you made to files. And you can go back to an old version of a file when you need it. What problem does FileLog resolved for computer users? People often get crazy when they falsely alter the Office document contents and cannot undo to a previous version because they have closed the Office application. Even worse, the old revision of the Office document contains important and irreplaceable information. In another situation, lots of versions of files may mess you up of finding a certain revision of the documents. But FileLog do the tracking and backup job for us. You don't have to back up file versions manually; you don't need to manage all the file versions individually. FileLog is to solve the trivial but essential backup tasks for us.

In addition to those amazing software pertaining to backup, other software produced by PC Disk Tools are also included in this utility. These products are often used for computer's emergency repair. They are PC Disk Eraser, NTFS Undelete, PC Regedit, PC Login Now, PC CMOS Cleaner, and Password Viewer. PC Disk Eraser erases all the private and sensitive data from hard drive. You privacy will never been hooked by others. NTFS Undelete recovers deleted files from your NTFS Drive. PC Regedit allows you to edit your Windows registry without booting up Windows. PC Login Now can reset Windows Vista, XP Administrator password instantly from a Boot CD. PC CMOS Cleaner recovers the BIOS password alos from PC Disk Tools Bootable CD. Password Viewer recovers dial-up passwords, email passwords, Instant Messenger passwords, Microsoft product keys on your Windows System.

PC Disk Tools will be dedicated to develop new software in backup area. They said "Enterprise Deploy" will be the next generation that caters for large corporations' requirements and to add some creative ideas to FileLog in order to change the traditional way of data backup.

For more information, contact PCDiskTools Corporation, 12/16-18 Belmore Street, Ryde NSW 2112 Sydney, Australia. Phone: +1 (845) 7042246 Email: support(at)pcdisktools.com Internet: http://www.pcdisktools.com/ .

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