Solder Saver--New Solder Recovery Tool Cuts Wave Solder Cost in Half

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Solder Saver: Solder recovery tool provides manufactures low cost solution to decreasing wave soldering solder cost. Solder Saver removes solder dross simultaneously providing solder reclamation.

The Solder Saver solder recovery and solder reclamation tool expedites solder dross removal and saves manufactures up to 50% on solder bar cost.

Solder Saver uses new technology to separate the solder from the dross. This process allows the manufacture to reclaim unused solder while it is still in the wave solder machine. This unique hand held tool requires no computer, software, or air source for operation. The operator friendly solder recovery tool is designed to work on 110 or 220 volt single phase electricity. The operator simply uses the Solder Saver in a similar manner as they performed in an antiquated manual method of using a slotted spoon to remove solder dross. This insures little to no training time and provides decreased solder dross removal time, proportionately increasing production time.

The Solder Saver addresses the problem of solder reclamation. Solder Saver is constructed utilizing BS316 Stainless Steel providing long life and durability under the high temperatures required for lead free soldering. The compact construction of the Solder Saver allows for easy storage between solder dross removals. The Solder Saver measures 17 ½ inches length, 1 ½ inches diameter, with a 5 inch operator handle. The compact design and patented technology of the Solder Saver includes a 12 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Wave Solder machines create Solder Dross. Solder Dross has created the industry of Solder Reclamation. Solder Dross not only continues to cost Electronic Manufactures it has now become an even greater expense with the advent of higher cost lead free solder. Dross contaminates the solder pot and can lead to poor quality solder joints. The removal of dross from solder pots has predominately been performed in an antiquated manual method of a slotted spoon. The problem is the more solder dross you remove the more quality solder you also discard.

The use of chemical additives to lower the amount of dross in solder pots has been shown to be effective. However the challenges in adding chemicals to an ever changing volume of solder in the pot often leave manufactures scratching their heads. The chance of compromising solder joint integrity due to a chemical imbalance in the solder pot is not a liability all manufactures are willing take. If you have mastered the use of chemical additives to decrease your solder dross and maintained quality solder joints the news is even better for you. Solder Saver Works with all Chemical Treated Solder, lead free solder and tin solder.

The efficient task of solder dross removal, and solder reclamation is addressed with the compact, low cost Solder Saver.

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