Virginia Tech Army ROTC Cadets Support their Fellow Students; Soldiers' Angels' Donates $10,000 to Virginia Tech ROTC Cadet Endowment Fund

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Soldiers' Angels challenges the nation to donate to the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets.

The students and faculty of Virginia Tech have experienced an unimaginable horror this week. The slaying of over 30 students has left the campus in a fog of disbelief and given rise to a flood of unanswered questions. The sanctity of the university, an institution of higher learning for our country's young adults, has been breached by the sights and sounds from the deadliest shooting rampage in American history. The stories have been splashed across the televisions and computer screens of America, and Americans have blanketed the survivors and their family and friends with thoughts and prayers. Even though the stories of tragedy and heroism are not fully known, the destruction has been wrought and the process of healing has begun.

The participation of the Virginia Tech Army ROTC in the ceremonies following this tragedy will be integral to the healing process. The Cadet Corp will participate in the convocation, flag raising ceremonies, and will help with student support. The Army ROTC cadets are motivated young men and women who will one day swear an oath to protect our nation. They will take on this obligation knowing that they will be placed in harms way to push the fight in the Global War on Terror forward. However, at the present time they will be called upon to serve their fellow students. They will stand up at a difficult time and represent the proud military institutions of this country.

The Virginia Tech Cadet Corp's history is the history of Virginia Tech. The school was opened as a military academy in 1872 and its corp of cadets have honorably served this country in every war since. During World War II, 7,285 Virginia Tech alumni served in uniform with three hundred and twenty three of them being killed. It is ironic that one of the first stories of heroism coming out of this tragedy is that of Professor Liviu Librescu, 76, a Holocaust survivor.

Professor Librescu was an engineering science and mathematics lecturer at Virginia Tech for 20 years. Students in his class have reported that he held the door to his classroom shut to give the students time to escape through a window. He died when the gunman shot through the door to gain entrance to the room. In the 1940's the students of Virginia Tech answered the call to fight Nazi Germany and years later Professor Librescu answered the call to protect the students of Virginia Tech. In honor of the students and professors who died in this tragic event and the sacrifices made by the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets for our country, Soldiers' Angels is giving $10,000.00 to the Virginia Tech Army ROTC Alumni Endowment Fund. Soldiers' Angels challenges the nation to double this amount by logging onto or by sending donations to Virginia Tech Army ROTC, Account # 872289, 226 Military Building, Blacksburg, VA 24061. The donation you make will help the Virginia Tech Cadet Corp continue on so that it may live up to its motto of "UT PROSIM" -- That I may move Forward.

In the time honored tradition of civilian support of American soldiers, Soldiers' Angels sponsors programs which provide support to American soldiers and their families. Soldiers' Angels' programs include first responder packs, support, and laptop computers to wounded soldiers who are receiving treatment at American military hospitals; care packages, letters, and support to deployed soldiers; armored blankets to military ambulances; items shipped for deployed soldiers to give children in the war zone; and memorial trees for the families of soldiers who have died in the service of their country.

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