Revolutionary MultiMedia eBook & Music Video Takes on Original Sin, Heaven, Bigotry … with a Little Help from KISS frontman, Paul Stanley

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Wildcat researcher and artist, John David Balla, takes on religious "sacred cows" with cutting edge technology, proving that a book and an album no longer need be separate media. Which begs the question ... Is this the end of book publishing and music publishing as we know it? Or their resurrection? And for good measure, let's not forget about those radical right extremists!

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley with John David Balla

Paul Stanley with John David Balla

For the music video that followed, Balla found inspiration from the edgy sensibility of Lou Reed, and the religious skepticism of Bill Maher’s highly provocative film, 'Religulous.'

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Internet marketing rebel, record producer and author John David Balla aspired for many years to merge his analytical works with his creative passion for creating provocative music and video into a single medium.

Now technology has finally caught up.

His first MultiMedia eBook, distributed by Cathedral Rock Publishing, is a watershed moment in MultiMedia eBook applications, juxtaposing theological research with a music video interpretation of that research.

It all started over a dinner conversation about the Book of Genesis. “I just knew that there wasn’t something right about this story, something that the average Theologian didn’t want us to know, so I decided to take a crack at it myself,” Balla recalls, who majored in sociology and psychology at Blackburn College back in the mid ‘80s.

For his song about heaven music video that followed, Balla found inspiration from the edgy sensibility of Lou Reed, and the religious skepticism of atheist/agnostic Bill Maher’s highly provocative film, “Religulous.”

Essentially, "In Heaven (there ain't no)" is a satirical depiction of the afterlife, namely the Judeo-Christian view of afterlife, where a junkie, addicted to prescription meds, is robbed, then murdered for his stash. An angel appears to escort him to the Pearly Gates, but the junkie insists on taking his TV with him, and unbeknownst to the angel, his meds too.

When they reach the Pearly Gates, the junkie is informed of heaven’s “no TV policy” by Saint Peter himself. Further humiliation ensues with a thorough frisking which uncovers the contraband that the entrusted saint confiscates for his own indulgence. Once inside, the junkie finds everyone in a state of melancholy because there’s nothing to do. Then God appears (presumably), dressed like a mad scientists, opens his arms, and says, “Please allow me to introduce myself.”

An early demo version of the song was helped along by KISS frontman Paul Stanley, who suggested adding a bridge between the 2nd and 3rd verses. The rest, as they say, is eBook history.

For more information on “In Heaven, (there ain’t no)” music video and “The Big Bite and the Shocking Truth about Original Sin” MultiMedia eBook, go to

“With our MultiMedia eBook applications, book publishers, record companies, and even hardcore scholars no longer need to depend old school publishers,” said Cathedral Rock Publishing co-founder, Stephen Smoke. “What’s more, we are finding all kinds of ways to generate new revenue streams by re-purposing the assets these companies already have, yet at a fraction of the cost of creating new ones. This is especially attractive to music and print publishers, both of whom have been plagued by declining sales for years,” Smoke added.

Not just MultiMedia eBooks.

While the eBook reader market is exploding, the lion’s share of content consumption still continues to reside on PCs via the Internet. As such, Cathedral Rock Publishing continues to market and distribute standalone/companion MP3 albums and singles, music videos, and PDF documents of its MultiMedia eBooks for non-iPad users. Therefore, the company is clearly positioned to meet existing and future needs of virtually any consumer as the definition of what a book is and what an album is, continues to blur.

As such, Balla’s music video and critique of the 1st two books of Genesis are available in a variety of formats, including

  • MP3
  • WMV, MP4, and M4v Video
  • EPUB for eBooks
  • and PDF for non tablet device users

Not all eBook readers created equally.

Because of both its popularity as well as its ability to accommodate video and MP3s, Cathedral Rock Publishing develops its multimedia eBooks for Apple’s iPad as the benchmark eBook reader, using the standard .EPUB file format with absolutely zero proprietary code. We support Amazon’s Kindle’s proprietary .MOBI format, which we hope will someday support video and audio like the iPad,” said Smoke.

For now, Cathedral Rock Publishing has refrained from creating propriety Apple “apps” for Apple’s iBookstore. “The reason is simple,” explained Smoke. “We just don’t need to. Consumers download our .EPUB products directly from our storefronts, and that’s it. The product is automatically added to the iPad’s iBookshelf just like any other eBook,” he added.

For more information on “In Heaven (there ain’t no),” go to
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