Soul Mafia Electrifies with MK Ultra on April 22

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Soul Mafia Electrifies with MK Ultra on April 22 -- "All I Need" Remix ft. Joe Budden & "I Can't Get Enough" Videos -- Upcoming Shows and Nationwide Wasted Tour!

Our combination of musical elements is not a marketing decision or gimmick. It is the pieces of our soul that we express through sound.

Whether you're listening to them recorded or live, multi-talented band Soul Mafia elicits excitement. It's more than the incorporation of several instruments into their eclectic fusion of hip hop, rock, soul, jazz and pop; and it's more than the perfect blend of hardcore rap and soulful vocals over the tracks. Soul Mafia connects the sum of their parts by radiating energy, magnetism and that intangible star quality we are all drawn to.

Soul Mafia has been gearing up for the April 22, 2010 release of their official full-length album MK Ultra, which will be available on most major digital distribution outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster. In February 2010, the band released the video for the album's first single "I Can't Get Enough," and will soon premiere a new video for the remix to "All I Need" featuring Joe Budden.

As they prepare for the release of MK Ultra, Soul Mafia will play live shows for fans in the Northeast and Southeast regions. The band is also setting up for the Wasted Tour this summer, and will announce those dates soon. Their song "Wasted" is slated to be the third single release from the LP, and will set things up nicely for the national tour.

Since their start nearly a decade ago in New York's underground Hip Hop battle scene, Soul Mafia survived various line-up changes before locking in the fearless foursome. The band is comprised of GC, a hard-edged jazz saxophonist, rapper, and guitarist; Prism, a classically trained pianist-turned-hip hop producer; Iam, a foster kid from Indianapolis who channeled his pain like a hip hop Marvin Gaye; and Lil Dee, a young percussion phenom born and bred in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

In Soul Mafia, musical genres crash as often as cymbals. Drawing from their influences, hints of Prince, Billy Idol, Daft Punk, B.I.G., and even Coltrane and Beethoven dance in and out of Soul Mafia's upcoming MK Ultra album.

"Our combination of musical elements is not a marketing decision or gimmick," explains GC, "it is the pieces of our soul that we express through sound."

"As our fanbase has grown, so has our sound," Prism continues. "It has allowed us to experiment with a wider arrange of instruments, larger mixes and larger performance venues as well. Outside of the internet, we connect the best with our fans at live shows."

In addition to their musical side, Soul Mafia branched off into the corporate world with their company Pursuance, Inc. Their production includes placements on shows for ESPN and FOX, the '05/'06 New York Knicks theme song and work with Roy Jones Jr.s' Bodyhead Entertainment. They appeared on JC Penney's iTunes release with a remake of Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me," and GC's track "Dolla" will be featured on in March.

When it comes to MK Ultra, the band is focused on sharing their best with fans. Prism cites "I Can't Get Enough" as his personal favorite song on the project, summing it up as "their addiction to living and breathing music."GC is drawn to "Wasted" for its strong message. Iam explains that "All I Need" is a dedication to people dear to them. "Of course it had to be in the true Soul Mafia fashion - hard and balls-out loud!" he laughs. Meanwhile Lil Dee embraces the soulful "Reaching for the Stars," which offers Hip Hop sensibility and a spiritual vibe with rock ballad ferocity.

"As our first real recorded work, this album means everything to us," expresses Prism. "Soul Mafia has come so far from where we first started. It has slowly evolved into the beast of a band that we are now. To this point, this album represents all the struggles, hardships, victories, changes, blood, sweat and tears that we have dealt with along the way."

"I Can't Get Enough" video:

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