New Spine Board with Runners Improved by Lifeguard Master

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Lifeguard Master Introduces a new and improved spine board with built in runners to aid in faster lifesaving. This is vital in a life saving issue as the runners allow the spine board to be picked up and moved very easily.

Lifeguard Master Introduces a new and improved spine board with built in runners to aid in faster lifesaving. This is vital in a life saving issue as the runners allow the spine board to be picked up and moved very easily.

Just what are runners? When the spine board is laying flat on the ground, and the victim is laying on it, the board must be picked up easily by the handles. So the runners are under the spine board and they elevate the board from the ground so the fingers can go around the handles. This is while the board is laying flat on the ground. This allows the board to be picked up easily in an emergency situation, which is needed and a must. When a victim is on the spine board, time is of the essence. Runners allow the board to be picked up very fast with minimal to no strain on the emergency personal. This cuts down of the physical work that was needed by the emergency provider, so they can now focus more on the life saving issues and hand. Now days, built in runners are a must for spine boards. For more information about this, please click on: website

These runners are built in. Built in, meaning no attachments and no replacements. The runners are built in and molding in the board. So it is all one piece, without attachments or assembly. And the runners will last through the lifetime of the board. Runners in other spineboards can be in separate pieces attached together, increasing the chance of the runner eventually coming lose. Lifeguard Master’s runners and spineoard is all one piece, ensuing that the runners will be there throughout the life of the spineboards. To see photos and videos of this spine board and for more information, please CLICK HERE.

In an emergency, this spine board also includes all the other very important qualities. One such quality is the weight capacity. This spine board has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. This ensures the spine board will handle everyone, from the smallest to the biggest person out there. To be able to handle everyone is also vital in an emergency and brings ease to the rescuer’s mind knowing that the spineboard will handle anyone regardless of weight.

This spine board is also perfect for water rescue, as it may be used in a swimming pool or beach. This means the rescuer will want the board to be buoyant, but not too buoyant. In case of a water emergency and the victim is in the water, the spine board must go under the victim easily. Imagine for a second that the rescuer has a victim in the water and he or she is trying to put a spine board under the victim. While in the water, the rescuer will want to strap the victim on the spine board. And imagine the rescuer has an incredibly buoyant spine board. And it takes a great effort to place the board slightly under the water and under the victim. The emergency care provider does not want this. The rescue wants a board that will go under the water and under the victim easily. This allows for faster and seamless rescue to the emergency care provider can focus on the rescue knowing that the mechanics of the board will work smoothly. This board had such a capability. To view this spine board, please go to:

This spine board, also known as the lifeguard backboard is maintenance free. This allows for the board to stay in the rain, sun or any weather condition without maintaining it or worrying about clean up. Rescuers want to be able to leave their board in the elements or anywhere because they want it close by and easily accessible in any given moment, just in case it is needed in an emergency. So this board is able to handle rain, sun, wind, salt water, and chlorine water. The coating of the material is made so that none of these elements will seep into the board and the rescuer's board is looking good and ready to be used even after exposure to these elements.

The spine board has 21 handle holes. This is well equipped to handle any and all types of spineboard straps. Backboard straps are of course a must to carry near the spineboard, or better yet, attached to the spine board ready for any emergency. For a closer look at these spine boards, and to view the head immobilizer that must come with any spine board, go to:

Lifeguard Master, has been providing effective and safe emergency supplies and equipment for years. The company is one of the leaders in the industry for emergency and life saving gear. For more information regarding these spineboards, please give them a call, send them an e-mail, or visit their website. To view a photo, video and a more detailed description of this spine board, please visit the website at

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