Are We in the Biblical End Times? If so, Are We Ready for the Horrific Events Prophesied to Come?

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International Evangelist/Teacher David Martin of Dave Martin Ministries expounds on this topic on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" television show being released March 14, 2011. Unlike many prophets of doom, Martin shares/teaches how to approach and go through horrific times victoriously. The television show will appear on all major Christian networks numerous times over the next three weeks. The ministry is offering a 9 CD series taught by Martin on Spiritual Preparation for End Times.

David Martin with Sid Roth on "It's Supernatural" Television set

Spiritual Preparation for End Times will be one of the most important messages you will ever hear to go through horrific times victoriously.

Are we in the end times or last days as referred to in the Bible? Many Christians and a growing number of non-Christians are looking with dire seriousness at the reality of Biblical prophecies. Many theologians relate the current events of wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places to a reference in Matthew 24 as signs of the end. If so, what comes next is less than a desirable picture.

Not all modern day prophets, however, are doom and gloom. International Evangelist/Teacher David Martin, who has studied the Bible for over 30 years, feels quite differently. Although he does agree that we are in the last of the last days, he believes those who are spiritually prepared will go through the times victoriously.

This is the basis of a television show that is being released internationally beginning the week of March 14th by Sid Roth of "It's Supernatural.” The program will continue to air over the next two weeks. The show which will appear on most Christian networks around the world is one of profound interest. Schedules for viewing can be found on the Sid Roth, Dave Martin Ministries or Living Supernaturally websites. The show can also be viewed online at “It’s Supernatural.”

The basis of David’s belief is based on the words of Jesus along with the conviction that Christians will be supernaturally protected and provided for through divine intervention. Unfortunately as he says, “Most Christians are ill prepared, and although God desires to supernaturally lead and guide them, they are too caught up in the systems of the world.” More accurately he states, “Many Christians have become dull of hearing, blinded and hardhearted which will cause them to go through some very challenging times.”
On the show David offers a 10 CD set entitled “Spiritual Preparation for End Times.” Sid Roth stated on his radio interview with David, “Of all the things he’s offered in his 35 years of broadcasting, this series is one of the most important ever.” You can hear the five, 15 minute radio show interviews with David on Sid Roth’s website.

In the 10 CD set being offered, David covers topics such as; Live Victoriously in Horrific Times, Have Supernatural Protection and Provision, Experience Miraculous Lifestyles, Develop Recession Proof Economics, Be Content and Abound with Blessings.

In addition to David’s extensive study of the scriptures, he has had some supernatural experiences of the type Hollywood movies are made. He shares how one of his best friends, David N’daruhutse, was on Edie Amien’s torture tables for his faith in Christ. When not giving in to the torture, he found himself before a firing squad, filled with bullets and left for dead. When the lights went out he crawled out of the heap of dead bodies to start the work in Burundi and Rwanda.

In 1994 the two David’s met first in David Martin’s office in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma then in the Rwanda refugee camps in the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide. It was there in the midst of doing crusades in the camps that David Martin learned of the Shining Light revival that swept through Africa over 70 years ago. David N’daruhutse’s father was one of the original Shinning Ones that literally glowed with the presence of God.

In 1998 David N’daruhutse died in a fiery plane crash. A 1965 prophesy stated “There would be a great war in Zaire, followed by great men of God going to heaven in flames, followed by more war, followed by great revival.” In 1997 the civil war began and in 1998 Zaire was overthrown and was renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Immediately after the war ended the prophets that gave the prophetic word on the mountain top in 1965 asked some of East Central Africa’s greatest leaders to come and celebrate the victory of Zaire’s overthrow. Upon landing the plane on the mountain top where the prophetic word was given some 60 years earlier, the plane crashed. All but one of the passengers were burned beyond recognition and are buried in a common grave on the mountain top where the prophetic word was given.

David Martin was told prophetically he was to go to the mountain top where the great men were buried to receive a supernatural impartation of peace; which he did in September of 1999. What he received, he now shares with others and this is the primary topic of Sid Roth’s interview with him. As he speaks and prays, most people feel the supernatural peace. On the CDs being offered he has what he calls a supernatural impartation of the peace he received on the mountain top of Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Those receiving this impartation from Martin report great peace in their lives along with a greater ability to hear the voice of God. According to the Bible, it is supernatural peace which will guard the Christian’s heart and mind from the worries of the world.

What makes the story even more exciting is Martin went to the birth place of the Shining Light Anointing in northern Rwanda and met Enoch one of the old men of God who was there when the Shinning Light revival happened in 1935 (also called the East African revival). Enoch, like others touched by the revival, live often into their 100’s which is very unusual for Africans. Martin asked Enoch to pray for him to receive that Shinning anointing and in David Martin’s words, “He’s never been the same.”

Three of the last day prophetic words given on the mountain top have been fulfilled; the first being the overthrow of Zaire, which became the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1998. Within weeks of the overthrow of Zaire, the plane crash sent 23 of Africa’s greatest to heaven in flames, shortly thereafter the new DRC went back to war. The last of the prophecies of the mountain top is great revival and it is this which Martin believes is about to take place. More information on the mountain top experience, a video clip and pictures can be found at

David suggests that everyone be prepared naturally for the end times, but as important as natural preparation is, spiritual preparation is by far much more important.

David Martin lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where Dave Martin Ministries is based. David returned from Switzerland in February, and is going to India and Kenya in March. David and his wife Bip (Elizabeth) of 30 years have two children and David has two other children from a previous marriage. He attended Rhema Bible Training Center in 1982 and started his international ministry in 1985.

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