The Greatest Shows on Earth -- Sports Memorabilia Not the Only Fruit for Autographs Store

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Internet memorabilia sensation Autographs Store today reveals that its unprecedented success is due to one thing: vision. That vision, as the site’s owners explained to us, involves not pinning themselves down to a single area:


Our brand is built on supplying quality celebrity autographs from all areas of entertainment, music, movies, and TV – and, of course, sport.

“We don’t want to be known just as a supplier of sports memorabilia,” said a spokeswoman for the site. “Our brand is built on supplying quality celebrity autographs from all areas of entertainment, music, movies, and TV – and, of course, sport.”

It’s a mission statement that has clearly worked, as Autographs Store’s mid year profits show. By avoiding tying itself to one specific area of memorabilia supply, the site has attracted a broad fan base, all of whom are now loyal repeat customer. That, says the site, is something to do with its guarantee process. Unlike other sports memorabilia suppliers (and, don’t forget, suppliers of TV, film, music and entertainment autographs), Autographs Store has a strict “no proof, no sale” policy, which prevents the acquisition of any autographed material not visually documented, either on film or as a dated photograph. Visual documentation is the highest form of proof that an autograph has been signed by the “genuine article” – so not taking anything less than the best, naturally, guarantees that one’s customers shop with confidence and (in the case of Autographs Store) abandon. The thing about fans, as the site is again keen to point out, is that they’re passionate – which means, within reason, that they’ll be keen to buy multiple instances of the same autograph if it appears on different photographs, shirts and so on.

The site’s film, music and TV memorabilia alone is worth a serious look. From super starlet Kylie Minogue to the both male and female components of Brangelina, Autographs Store has a stock of entertainment autographs that could well be unsurpassed in the UK. Again, due to their impeccable relationships with the companies and promotions people that supply the memorabilia in the first place.

The autographs business is all about having good contacts: Autographs Store, if its roster of big name signed photographs, sports memorabilia and music legends is anything to go by, clearly has some of the best in town. Sir Michael Caine and Paul Newman rub virtual shoulders with Daniel Radcliffe, Mel Gibson, Emma Watson and Sly Stallone; while Christian Bale and Kurt Cobain (that’s right – the grandfather of modern music) share screen space with Meryl Streep and the cast of High School Musical. This is memorabilia and autographs of the highest order – a clear statement that the Autographs Store brand is about more than only providing sports memorabilia.

Sporting autographs, of course, will always attract fans and attention: and the seasonal nature of the sports involved make them great business. Single track businesses, though, don’t do so well in this day and age. Where Autographs Store has really made a hit, is in sourcing a variety of entertainment, TV and music memorabilia. The calibre of the signatures they’ve collected here shows that they want to be taken seriously across the board. The response from their customers indicates that they already are.

Autographs Store is a Kent based website supplying sports memorabilia with 100% guarantees of authenticity.


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