Ele Jinon Adds That Special Touch, or Feel, to Sports Champions' Athletic Games

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Ele Jinon's new sports skin technology heightens skin sensitivity to give athletes an extra "Touch" when the championship is on the line.

Athletes get a championship "Touch" on their game.

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When the pressure is on and there is no option but to complete that pass or take that championship shot, Ele Jinon's skin care products for athletes adds that extra "Touch," or feel, to the athlete's game.

Each treatment is customized with a unique blend of skin-tightening and thickening aloe extract and ASE™ (Ancient Sea Extract™), designed to give the brain a more clear picture of what to tell the athlete's muscles in order to complete that maximum performance, no matter what the sport. A single application on the hands or fingertips in the evening, just enough to be absorbed into the skin, will stimulate the nerve endings in the skin. With continuous daily use athletes can feel Ele Jinon's "Touch" working in no time. The hands and fingertips begin to feel slick, but they are not really slick, it's just the heightened sensitivity to the nerve endings that makes the hands or fingertips seem slick. For athletes, this means they are on their way to meeting their genetic potential. Find out more by visiting us at http://www.elejinon.com/demirosa.aspx.

While Ele Jinon can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, Ele Jinon believes that its new skin products with ASE™ for athletes can produce the ultimate in skin performance for the professional or amateur athlete, and for weekend fantasy sports performers, too.

The athlete's body is a multimillion dollar piece of equipment--and only the finest skin care products are acceptable. In addition to Ele Jinon's Nocturnal Nourishment™ (the "Touch"), Ele Jinon carries a full array of high-quality skin care products that an athlete's skin needs. Ele Jinon beats out the competition with its relaxing Herbal Body Soak™, its Pro-Soother™ to apply during after-workout muscle-massage care, a replenishing Hand Cream for that extra pounding an athlete's hands sometimes take, and a world class foot cream, Desert Trekker™, used by runners and by athletes in all sports that require high performance foot movement. Ele Jinon's Athletic Skin Care Package is best used in combination, for all-over skin care and protection, but each product can be utilized separately just for the hot spots.

Ele Jinon has designed its skin care products especially for the professional athlete or weekend sports buff who wants to be the best they can be. Ele Jinon's athletic skin care products are the right products for every sports event, so that both the professional athlete and the weekend sports buff can achieve their maximum genetic potential. Learn more by visiting http://www.elejinon.com/demirosa.aspx, and click on "Athletic Package."

While Ele Jinon intends to market its products through an exclusive multi-level marketing system similar to Mary Kay® and Avon® distributorships, its lead distributor, Demirosa, is already set up not only for the athlete to purchase his or her athletic skin care products today, but also for business-minded individuals to get on the list for distributorships in Demirosa's coming distributorship campaign.

The "Touch," Nocturnal Nourishment™, at $23.00, is being offered online to athletes for a limited time only, through Demirosa's Ele Jinon distributorship at http://www.elejinon.com/demirosa.aspx. Ele Jinon wants every athlete to try this product because it has tremendous potential. Available for purchase are the complete Athletic Skin Care Package, or any combination of the individual items that make up the Athletic Skin Care Package, in addition to other fine skin care products.

Visit Ele Jinon's website to learn more about Ele Jinon and its new breakthrough athletic skin healthcare products. Click on the "Touch" and read how this amazing product was discovered.

Ele Jinon's inaugural event is happening now--offering Ele Jinon's Athletic Skin Care Package and the full array of skin care products, including the Touch. Ele Jinon is currently taking names for the distributorship waiting list. More information is available from Ele Jinon at http://www.elejinon.com/demirosa.aspx, by clicking on "Become a Distributor." Or Mr. Brimhall can be reached by email or telephone for additional information. This is a limited-time-only event offered to the general public to sample Ele Jinon's products. Brad Brimhall, Principal of Demirosa, LLC, one of Ele Jinon's first distributors, says, "we believe Ele Jinon will be a successful public company by becoming the first to offer a complete athletic package, as well as other packages for unique skin care purposes. Ele Jinon invites athletes--or anyone interested in high-quality skin care products that really do the job--to participate in making athletes the best their genetic characteristics can be while creating a world of health and beauty for all those healthy, wonderful people that make the USA such a unique and special place of opportunity."

Anyone interested in learning more about Ele Jinon's skin care products are urged to check out the website at http://www.elejinon.com/demirosa.aspx. Interested parties may also email or call Brad Brimhall to request information or have their name placed on Ele Jinon's distributorship waiting list.

Brad Brimhall
Principal, Demirosa LLC,
Distributor for Ele Jinon Skin Care Products
Ele Jinon


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