Sports Bras Are Getting the ''Bounce Test''(TM): Information Every Woman - Even If You Go Sans Underwear a la Britney Spears - Needs to Know

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In fear of saggy breasts and pain, women want to keep their "girls" contained. But what sports bras do the best job of this? Enter "The Bounce Test" videos at

Just because a bra is labeled high impact doesn't make it necessarily so. That's why I created the Bounce Test - now women have unbiased information they couldn't find anywhere else to compare sports bras.

    Tomima Edmark, founder and president of, is on a mission to find out what sports bras give it their all. She put more than 30 high impact bras to the test in patent-pending videos showing front and side running motion of a 34D bust-size model. The results are surprising and enlightening.

Simply go to to check out all the videos.

"Any woman who exercises knows that the right sports bra makes a big difference. Ever try your morning jog in a bra where your breasts are bouncing more than your ponytail? It hurts, it's not good for delicate breast tissue, and, let's face it, you don't look that great either," said Edmark. "Just because a bra is labeled high impact doesn't make it necessarily so. That's why I created the Bounce Test - now women have unbiased information they couldn't find anywhere else to compare sports bras."

It's a fact of life that most women's breasts will sag over time. The reason is that breasts have no muscles in them to be toned. Ligaments are what attach the breasts to the chest. If these delicate ligaments are not supported, constant motion will break them down and erode breast support and positioning. Since it is so important for women of all shapes and sizes to find the right bra, Tomima has put together some helpful tips:

-- A good sports bra can reduce breast movement by at least 56%.

-- When choosing a sports bra, consider the activity. It is very possible that you will need a wardrobe of sports bras depending on the number of sports you participate in - high to low impact.

-- Breast size does play a part. Larger breasts are going to need more support. Therefore, the proper sports bra is going to give the necessary support to control breast motion and reduce the bounce force in each activity.

-- Whether you're a 32A or a 42DD, you still need to support your breasts. Otherwise, constant motion caused by exercise will break down the delicate ligaments keeping your breasts in place and cause sagging over time. Small breasts can sag too.

-- One good sports bra is better than two normal bras because the sports bras are designed not only to give support but also to reduce bouncing.

-- Determine whether you want a bra that offers encapsulation or compression. Encapsulation models are constructed with two cups (just like typical bras). Compression models, on the other hand basically press your breasts flat to your chest (in an attempt to reduce motion).

Before you go out and purchase your next high impact sports bra, take a look for yourself and see what bra produced the least amount of bounce and the most support.

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