University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Seniors Select Rivalry Rage for Marketing Class Project

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Rivalry Rage, Inc., Sports Trash Talk Social Network Website, was selected by four University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Business School Seniors for their Marketing Class Project. This selection gives these students a true test by taking a newly formed social media company and determining the best marketing path for success.

UCCS Seniors

Rivalry Rage, Inc. was one of many companies offered to the UCCS Business Major Seniors to use as a test case for their Marketing Class Project. The unique challenges with Rivalry Rage are that it is still in the infancy stages of development, it has a very small social media footprint, and the company has just started the process of marketing its newly-developed website. When asked why the UCCS Seniors selected Rivalry Rage, Inc., Michelle Owen from Honolulu, Hawaii said, “I like working with a local company because I feel like my work is more appreciated when the company doesn't have the budget to hire a marketing consultant to help them. I like that it is not all theory and that we can actually apply the concepts to a real world situation.” Julie Schweers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said, “I selected Rivalry Rage because I think it’s a great concept and has the potential to be a successful business. I also enjoy being able to help out a small local business that doesn’t have the funds for marketing, while in turn I get some great experience! Oh, and I’m a HUGE Phillies and Eagles fan, so I enjoy the smack talk!” There are plenty of opportunities for smack talk in Philadelphia because the Phillies are looking at another potential trip to the World Series and the Eagles are looking strong at 4-2.

It seems that too often business courses use a fictitious company and establish a ‘hypothetical’ business plan or marketing strategy, making assumptions based on the documented goals of the company. Since Rivalry Rage is a Colorado Springs based business, the students have direct access to the founders and can fully understand their vision. This removes the hypothetical nature from the project and provides the students with true, hands-on experience working with the company founders. “We are excited that this UCCS team selected Rivalry Rage for their project. We hope this team will identify avenues and opportunities that we have not considered. The current college student has grown up with the Internet and the technologies available to enable global social media networking. This is a perspective our management team does not have. The UCCS Business Seniors also sit right in the middle of our target audience age bracket of 18 to 30 year old, which makes their opinions even more valuable,” said Tim Jones, Founder of Rivalry Rage.

When asked what the team hopes to gain from the experience of developing a marketing plan for a local start-up business, Sarah Kaminsky of Centennial, Colorado said, “I hope to gain insight into the marketing aspect of a small business and learn what it takes to successfully market an online social network. Social Media is an ongoing, always changing subject and it is how everyone is connecting. People talk about everything online and I found the Rivalry Rage concept new and interesting. So by working with them I will be able to see the beginning process of an online social media network. I am definitely not an expert in this area, but I hope to help Rivalry Rage in the best way possible based on my knowledge and our E-Commerce class.” Sarah Radke from Charlotte, North Carolina also stated, “I have done projects and interned for small businesses before. I enjoy working for small businesses because the owners or managers will give you a lot of information and they not only care about you helping out the business, but you learning and succeeding along the way.”

The Rivalry Rage and UCCS partnership is a great example of how local businesses and the academic community can mutually benefit one other and develop long lasting relationships. One important goal in the academic world should be to provide the best possible education and exposure to the business community to prepare the next generation of American business leaders. A strong relationship between businesses and the educational community will only strengthen our economy in the future. Dr. Thomas Gruen, Marketing Team Chair and Professor of Marketing at UCCS, understands this critical connection between students and the community.

As for Rivalry Rage, Inc., the insight gained from a marketing team that has grown up in the Social Media Network generation is invaluable. These seniors understand the power of global social networks and are excited about using these online media skill sets as they strive to make their own mark in the business world.

Rivalry Rage, Inc. is a Sports Trash Talk social media network that is focused on the sports fanatics around the world. There are dedicated sports fans from every walk of life. Regardless of demographics, race or religion, sports can often be a more powerful relationship builder than any political action. The Rivalry Rage team believes the global impact of the Internet and social media is just getting started and they want to be part of this growing global phenomenon. The Rivalry Rage site includes all major sports including soccer, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and even auto racing for the Rally and NASCAR fans. The UCCS students’ marketing plan will help the Rivalry Rage team gain the national and global exposure they need to ensure success.


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