APC Protect: Fake Security Software Deceives Users, Devastates Infected Systems

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SpyZooka, an antispyware program created by BluePenguin Software, has been removing fake security software like APC Protect for more than five years. The award-winning SpyZooka software is so effective at eliminating spyware and other security threats that it has become the recognized leader within the antispyware industry. SpyZooka is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is backed by BluePenguin Software’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

BluePenguin's award winning SpyZooka

SpyZooka was specifically designed to destroy fraudulent programs like APC Protect and restore normal functioning and security to the infected system.

SpyZooka, a BluePenguin Software antispyware program, effectively removes the fake security application APC Protect and other rogues like it. SpyZooka was specifically designed to destroy fraudulent programs like APC Protect and restore normal functioning and security to the infected system. The SpyZooka antispyware software is so effective that it has been recognized as an industry leader winning several awards including the prestigious Tucows 5 Cows. A member of the Better Business Bureau, BluePenguin Software backs its SpyZooka software with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

APC Protect is a recent fake security program on the Internet deceiving users and devastating infected systems. Like other rogues before it, APC Protect typically attaches to system when users download seemingly beneficial audio or video codec, which contains a hidden APC Protect Trojan. Users are often unaware of the transaction until signs of infection appear on their hard drive.

Signs that a system has been compromised by an APC Protect Trojan include false security warnings and deceptive scans, which encourage the user to visit the APC Protect website in order to purchase the fake software. The system will be flooded with such warnings aimed at convincing the user that the only way to remedy the problem is by purchasing APC Protect software. However, taking this step will damage the systems security and disrupt functioning.

It can be quite difficult to remove APC Protect once it is attached to a system. Those who have attempted to manually remove APC Protect from their infected systems have found the experience to be frustrating, time consuming and costly. In some extreme cases, the entire hard drive had to be wiped completely clean in order to ensure total removal.

For this reason, experts recommend users purchase a high quality, reliable antispyware software like SpyZooka to remove APC Protect from infected systems. There are many antispyware software options available and identifying a legitimate program can be tricky. Remember some, like APC Protect, are simply malware in disguise.

Reliable security software will scan a system, identify any existing spyware and then remove it. It’s best to invest in antispyware software, which is recognized within the industry as a legitimate security application, like the award-winning SpyZooka.

SpyZooka has been removing spyware like APC Protect for more than five years and has established itself as an industry leader known for effectively identifying and removing security threats. SpyZooka has won several awards including Wugnet’s Shareware Hall of Fame and the prestigious Tucows 5 Cows. Visit http://BluePenguinSoftware.com to receive a complementary scan and to learn more about how SpyZooka protect your system from APC Protect and other security threats.


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