Survey Results: “Sixty-seven percent of business professionals spend too much time logging into computer systems”

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Find out what else employees had to say about the single sign on access topic in this survey sponsored by Tools4ever



The results of this survey point out that Tools4ever applications are of great value in the workplace.

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Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, recently conducted a survey on how people sign into their applications/systems at work and their feelings about this process. The survey found that professionals spend a disproportionate amount of the work day signing into applications/systems, time that could be spent on more productive work. 67 percent of business professionals agreed that they spend too much time logging into computer systems, and 85 percent said that they would be able to work more efficiently if this time was reduced. The survey also revealed that an alarming 28 percent of the individuals surveyed had to remember over 12 different username and password combinations in order to perform their work on a daily basis. This can have a negative impact on the productivity of workforces and businesses and also brings to light the importance of constant innovation to develop new user-friendly products, such as the new Enterprise Single Sign On (E-SSOM) developed by Tools4ever.

Key Findings:
There were a total of 552 respondents to the 11 question survey which was primarily answered by IT professionals. A summary of the key findings:

People spend too much time logging into their applications/systems each day:
Every day, employees have to login to each of their systems/applications with different credentials in order to perform their jobs. According to survey results, 67 percent of the respondents agreed that they spend too much time logging in, which reduces the time they could be performing more productive tasks.

It is difficult and frustrating to remember login credentials:
In addition to the large number of username/password combinations employees have to remember, many companies also require that these credentials be changed regularly for security reasons. This makes it even more difficult for employees to remember which credentials were changed and what the new credentials are. According to the survey, 88 percent of the respondents worked for a company that requires regular password changes. Also of note, 28 percent said they have 12 or more username/ password combinations while the majority had around 7. This is a lot of information for employees to remember and can cause stress and frustration.

Employees could work more efficiently if they reduced the time it took to log in:
If the time it took to log in each day was reduced, employees would be able to be more productive and not have to waste time entering credentials, or even calling the help desk when they forget these credentials. An overwhelming 85 percent of the sample agreed that they would be able to work more efficiently if this time was reduced.

Single Sign On:
A solution to these issues would be a Single Sign On (SSO) product. These types of products allow the user to log in once with just one set of credentials and thereafter have access to all other applications.

In reference to the survey results, Dean Wiech, Managing Director of Tools4ever, Inc. stated, “The results of this survey point out that Tools4ever applications are of great value in the workplace. We consistently deliver solutions that provide an increase in the efficiency of employees while reducing the load on the helpdesk and IT department.”

Read the full survey results:

Learn more about our SSO solution; E-SSOM:

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