KleenJet Vapor Steam Cleaner Vacuum from Daimer Industries is Launched and Includes Gum Removal As Well As Certified Sanitization Technologies in One Machine

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Cleaning professionals responsible for removing tough gum wads that have been stuck to hard surfaces for years require machines with high temperatures and exclusive gum removal technologies. Daimer is debuting new vapor steam cleaners with temperatures up to 356ºF, a special gum removal kit, ATIS® technology, and special features unavailable elsewhere in the world.

Steam Cleaner - Daimer KleenJet Mega 1000CVGP GUM EXTERMINATOR

Daimer KleenJet Mega 1000CVGP GUM EXTERMINATOR Steam Cleaner

Daimer® is excited to launch a powerful gum exterminator steam cleaner machine creating steam temperatures up to 356ºF at pressure levels up to 105 psi. The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS® features the company's patent-pending ATIS® ...

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a global supplier of the most popular U.S. brand of industrial and commercial cleaner machines, and offering to customers in over 240 countries such technologies as portable steam cleaner systems, dry vapor steam cleaner equipment, robust carpet steam cleaner machines, and many more, has launched a truly unique EPA-complaint gum removal machine with certified anti-microbial technologies. The machine with Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization® (ATIS®) technology is proven to eliminate up to 99.999 percent of harmful bacteria, such as MRSA, and other potentially deadly germs from most hard surfaces. The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS® steam cleaner is ideal for dissolving and extracting tough gum wads on most outside grounds, and sanitizing interior hard floors for the ultimate in vapor machine versatility.

“Eliminating blackened chewing gum pieces from hard surfaces on many areas, such as sidewalks, parking lots, movies theaters, stadiums, and more, is extremely important to maintain the high-quality image businesses and organizations want to maintain. Technologically advanced equipment with exclusive features are required for the best results,” states Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson. “Daimer® is excited to launch a powerful gum exterminator steam cleaner machine creating steam temperatures up to 356ºF at pressure levels up to 105 psi. The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS® features the company's patent-pending ATIS® technology appropriate for hard surface disinfection applications for hospitals, schools, government buildings, hotels, retail stores, and other facilities.”

The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS® industrial steam cleaner emits dry vapor output that contains only 5 percent water content, so it can be used even during the day with even the heaviest of pedestrian traffic. There is absolutely no back splash as would be the case with high pressure and flow cold and hot water pressure washers.

Daimer®'s superior gum removal steam cleaning machines come with a low impact technology that does not etch the surfaces being cleaned. The equipment's simultaneous steaming and vacuuming offers enhanced cleaning and maximum productivity. Extraction aids in the gum removal process. The product can be used as a handy floor steam cleaner vacuum as well.

Additionally, the product's HEPA Filtration and Water Capture technologies catch pollen, hair, dust mites, and most other allergens up to 3 microns in size. The combination of water and captured particulates is simply poured down a drain or into a toilet. The process takes a few minutes, and the chamber can be reattached in seconds. Although the system can be used for carpet spot cleaning, it is not considered a real professional carpet steam cleaner system or even the type of commercial carpet extractor machines cleaning contractors use for expert results.

Until now, cleaning professionals have attempted using pressure washers for gum removal. However, cold water pressure washers or hot water pressure washing systems are not efficient enough to effectively eliminate black gum pieces. Cold water pressure cleaners need harmful chemicals and are unable to dissolve gum pieces since they lack heat, and hot water pressure cleaning equipment do not create high enough temperatures to melt the stubborn wads. Even 180-200ºF temperatures only displace the gum from one section of the surface to another rather than actually dissolving them.

The company's KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS® vapor steam cleaner comes with its Continuous-Refill technology that ends the need to power off the machine for refilling. The operators can actually add water to the machine even while it is in operation, unlike steamer machines from other brands that lack this feature. Others engineer their commercial steam cleaner machines with pressure caps, which must be removed after system depressurization, after which water is added, then the user waits for up to 40 minutes or so. Daimer®'s technology dramatically increases the cleaning productivity and efficiency.

The Mega 1000CVGP commercial steam cleaner features specially designed gum removing attachment onto which threaded brushes made of stainless steel are affixed securely for removing the toughest gum pieces. The concentrated gum removal solution is the final constituent of the complete company offering. Daimer®'s exclusive liquid is specially formulated and fully complies with EPA's biodegradability guidelines. The GUM-EXTERMINATOR® chemical is completely safe for use. One gallon of the concentrate can make up to eleven gallons of ready-to-use liquid, and the company includes two gallons during its special promotions.

The industrial steam cleaner from Daimer® comes with many attachments, such as gum removal steam vac squeegee tool with brush attachment and large 1 3/4" stainless steel brush to attach/screw onto the tool. Apart from gum removing, the machine is ideal for sanitizing various surfaces, including stalls, mirrors, sinks, knobs, bathroom walls, urinals, and for cleaning many food service kitchen areas too.

For Additional Information:

Visit Daimer®'s website for further information on the KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVGP – ATIS®. Feel free to call Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220 for any further data about any of Daimer®'s products.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the world's leading supplier of the largest line of advanced cleaning systems, such as diversified carpet cleaning machines, hard surface floor cleaning equipment, vapor steam cleaners, gum removal systems, pressure washer machines, and others with superior technologies for worldwide cleaning applications.


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