The Tailwind - Stefan Drechsel Makes Time Stop on his New Music Video

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Singer songwriter Stefan Drechsel has released a video for his masterful acoustic guitar improvisation The Tailwind. The minimalistic video for The Tailwind, a bonus track on the single The Blue Yonder from the up-coming album Here and Now, contains brief beautiful moments that Stefan Drechsel captures carefully in slow motion. "These moments show traces to something magical. We seem to be familiar with what they express," says Stefan Drechsel. With only a few scenes, the video draws the audience with its mesmerising colours and images. Stefan Drechsel talks on his blog about his inspiration to create the new video.

Singer Songwriter Stefan Drechsel
The tailwind is always there when you turn and take the wind with you. This is what I feel about making music or shooting photos or videos. I follow my intuition and my music evolves. I film somewhere and something spontaneously happens.

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"The tailwind is always there when you turn and take the wind with you" writes the singer songwriter on his blog. "This is what I feel about making music or shooting photos or videos. I follow my intuition and my music evolves. I film somewhere and something spontaneously happens". The new video that Stefan Drechsel directed, shot and edited himself is a vivid reflection of his spontaneity that listeners can witness on the track he recorded on the spur of the moment. The title 'The Tailwind' refers to the third verse of the song The Blue Yonder where Stefan Drechsel sings about the feeling of inner contentedness that he describes as "like a child running with tailwind".

Stefan Drechsel is currently adding the finishing touches to his debut album "Here and Now", which will be released later in 2012 on Moving Close Records. Every song on the album, says Stefan Drechsel "had once been an improvisation before it eventually turned into a song". The singer songwriter creates a rich, full sound using the simplicity of voice and acoustic guitar, occasionally layered with piano and electric guitar. His music has been described as an unusual blend of the young Leonard Cohen, John Martyn and early Coldplay. The spontaneity of his guitar on The Tailwind echoes the mastery of Malian Ali Farka Toure.

The video invites the viewer to play with colours of decorating lights embedded in a pavement, the movements of a robot's face in a shopping window and the nighttime silhouette of the Heron Tower in London reflecting artificial rainbow colours. The video shows these scenes out of context. It displays the scenes in slow motion and zooms in to an almost abstract level or flips the perspective. Time seems to stand still in these moments, and the viewer takes on a child's perspective looking at these details in full admiration without reflection or judgement.

"Children seem to have a feeling of lightness and a sense of magic naturally at their disposal" Stefan Drechsel says. "When I got older I felt for some time that I had lost the connection to this sense of lightness. As if something got in between me and the magic. As if the tailwind had turned into a stiff wind blowing against me".

Stefan Drechsel says this lack of connection is a symptom of modern living. The musician observes living in London that many people are rushing around with their eyes blinkered as if not aware what is going on around them. "I too find myself in situations where I stop and ask myself 'Where was I the last five minutes?' and I look back and realise I didn't notice the people passing by, a twinkle in their eyes, the amazing twisting clouds mounting up in front of the glowing late evening sky."

Stefan Drechsel wanted the The Tailwind video to highlight some short moments of stillness when time seems to stand still. "There are signposts to magic everywhere" he says "people seem to know deep down that there is tailwind, and this tailwind will carry you further and beyond". Drechsel will release videos for each song on his debut album Here and Now over the next year.

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