Steven Alan Home, Tribeca NYC Honey from The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

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The Steven Alan Home Shop, Tribeca NYC now carries honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company. The multi-brand retailer also carries a curated collection of clothing, accessories, apothecary, and home items for both men and women.

Steven Alan Home Shop

Steven Alan Home Shop

The Steven Alan Home Shop, located at 158 Franklin Street in Tribeca, NYC now caries honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

The multi-brand retailer also carries a curated collection of clothing, accessories, apothecary, and home items for both men and women.

About Steven Alan

In 1994, Steven Alan opened his first retail store in downtown Manhattan. Steven quickly became known for his keen eye and uniquely urban sensibility. His subversive take on classics evolved the brand into one of wardrobe staples. The Steven Alan Men’s Collection includes suiting, shoes, and accessories, with its Women’s Collection including tailored shirting, dresses, brocades, and knits. Steven Alan has stores in New York, California, Connecticut, and now Georgia, and Boston. The Steven Alan Collection is sold in over 200 stores worldwide, as well as online at

About Honey

Honey has been used by humans since ancient times for its health benefits and as a sweetener and flavoring for many foods and beverages, with tea being the most popular. Next to maple syrup, it is the most commonly used natural sweetener in North America.

Honey bees make honey by collecting nectar from flowers and regurgitating it into beeswax honeycombs inside their hive. Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the hive of honey bees of the genus Apis and its most popular uses are beeswax candles and as an ingredient in natural skin care products.

The flavor and color of honey is determined by the type of flower the bees gather the nectar from; therefore, when cooking or baking with honey, it is a good idea to taste the honey before using it in a recipe. For example: a dark honey like tulip poplar-black locust honey will result in a strong, heavy, pungent flavor, whereas orange blossom honey will result in a delicate orange flavor. Dark-colored honey is considered to be higher in minerals and antioxidants than light-colored honey, and one of the most well-known dark-colored honeys is buckwheat honey. Raw buckwheat honey contains a higher amount of minerals and an antioxidant called polyphenol, which gives it its dark color. The health benefits of buckwheat honey are many and well known.

The rawest honey available is comb honey which is sections of the hexagonal-shaped beeswax cells of the honeycomb that contain raw honey that have been cut from the wooden frames of a beehive.

Using raw honey is a long-term investment strategy for optimal health and personal care; the dividends are overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Like a blue chip stock, raw honey should be included in any health-conscious consumer’s immune system boosting portfolio and the return on investment of substituting honey for refined sugar in the human diet is incalculable.

Another product made by honey bees and used by humans is bee propolis; a resinous substance that honey bees collect from tree buds and bark or other botanical sources and mix with beeswax, nectar and pollen. This mixture is used by bees to seal gaps in the hive and by humans for its health benefits and as a traditional, natural or homeopathic medicine.

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers the highest quality unprocessed natural products they can produce namely; maple syrup, honey, handmade natural soap, personal care products and beeswax candles. In addition, they offer natural stone, tea and spices from around the world.

Hours of operations are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, seven days a week. Reach them at (315)-519-2640 to learn more.

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