Safety Warning: Steven Bankert Encourages Individuals to Adhere to Laundry Safety Tips

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A recent press release on details laundry room safety tips, citing the potential damage that chemicals in laundry detergents and other products can cause. Steve Bankert, a coin-laundry facility owner, encourages his customers to abide by these tips on a regular basis.

Doing the laundry is one of the most common household responsibilities, as clean clothes, towels, sheets, and other linens are needed by all members of a family. Although this familiar task may seem to be anything but dangerous, it actually poses a threat to families if certain safety precautions are not taken. Stephen Bankert, who owns coin-laundry facilities, knows that these tips are imperative in avoiding disaster. As such, he is reminding his clients to adhere to a list of common precautions.

The Wall Street Journal's has recently published a press release that details safety tips from the American Cleaning Institute. This organization has announced these safety precautions to call attention to the many simple ways in which families can keep their members, children and pets in particular, safe.

The tips that top this list include always closing detergent containers, putting products away after use, and reading instructions before use. Additionally, the publication encourages consumers to call manufacturing companies if they have questions about their products.

"Most laundry products are, by nature, strong chemicals," commented coin-laundry facility owner Steven Bankert. "They need to be to do an effective job removing stains and soil from clothing, bedding, and towels. Unfortunately, children can be inquisitive and as such will come in contact with or ingest soap, softener, or bleach. This can cause anything from a mild skin irritation or allergic reaction to severe injury requiring immediate medical attention. Proper care must always be taken to keep laundry chemicals out of the reach of children. And it is more important in a laundromat setting since there is a chance there will be not only your own children, but children from other families as well."

Stephen Bankert encourages his clients to remain mindful of the effects their laundry habits have on others. For example, considering the presence of children, even those of other families, is important in maintaining a safe environment. Furthermore, he urges clients to clean up any spilled detergent immediately. Because laundry detergent is a commonly used item, people may forget that it contains dangerous chemicals. In a way, they become desensitized to the threat that laundry products pose.

By paying more attention to their laundry habits—and correcting any dangerous habits they may have—the American Cleaning Institute knows that people can reduce laundry-related accidents. By adhering to these safety tips, laundry facility patrons can create and maintain a secure environment.


Steven Bankert owns several coin-laundry facilities and has a background in the restaurant industry. Through these exceedingly different professions, Steve Bankert has learned a variety of skills that contribute to his success as a business owner. In addition to managing his laundry facilities, Stephen Bankert enjoys cooking, spending time on the water, and dedicating his life to his family.

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