Weight Loss Surgery Without Incisions? It's a First in San Francisco

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Bariatric surgeon Dr. Paul Cirangle is the first and only physician in San Francisco to perform an incisionless weight loss surgery procedure called StomaphyX™. This new outpatient procedure is for patients who have have previously undergone weight loss surgery and regained excess weight.

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Patients don't have to worry about the complications of the more invasive revisional surgery, such as incisional herniation, infection, adhesions and scarring.

Noted bariatric surgeon and pioneer of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Paul Cirangle of the bariatric surgical practice Laparosopic Associates of San Francisco, is the first in San Francisco to perform StomaphyX™, incisionless weight loss surgery. The StomaphyX™ is a fastening device approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early 2007 that is inserted down the esophagus to the decrease the size of the stomach pouch.

StomaphyX™is for patients that have undergone either gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy or the duodenal switch and have not reached their goal weight due to setbacks ranging from an expanded pouch to post-operative complications. It is already gaining popularity due to its advantages. "Not only can patients go home the same day, the procedure is approximately 30 minutes and much safer than traditional surgery. There are no incisions inside the organs or outside the skin", according to board-certified Dr. Cirangle, adding "Patients don't have to worry about the complications of the more invasive revisional surgery, such as incisional herniation, infection, adhesions and scarring." Most patients can return to their normal daily routine the next day.

The StomaphyX™ is placed down the esophagus under general anesthesia using the visual aid of an endoscope. While in the stomach pouch, the device fastens tissue, creating large folds, called plications. The plications are fastened together, allowing the tissue to fuse together over several weeks following surgery. This new decreased stomach allows the patient to lose excess weight.

Fellowship-trained Dr. Cirangle is one of the select few bariatric surgeons in the United States to offer the StomaphyX™, manufactured by EndoGastric Solutions™ to aid in the successful treatment of obesity. He has recently completed specialized training mandated by the FDA and operates at a certified Center of Excellence.

In explaining his decision to offer StomaphyX™, Laprarosocpic Associates of San Francisco (LapSF) and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii surgeon Dr. Cirangle said, "We continue to stay on the forefront of bariatric breakthroughs, allowing our patients the most choices possible. This gives them a whole new option to lose the excess weight not achieved or regained since the first weight loss surgery. Not everyone in the bariatric community believes in second chances, but I do."

Successful weight loss surgery is the only alternative for most patients to rid themselves of comorbidities such as Diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Dr. Cirangle states that weight loss surgery is the only medically proven option in eliminating Diabetes, curing 77% of his patients post-operatively, while 86% are resolved or improved. There are other benefits of weight loss surgery that his patients experience. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is cured in 62% of patients and resolved or improved in 78.5%. Hyperlipidemia(high cholesterol and high triglycerides) improved in more than 70% of patients, while 86% of patients are cured of obstructive sleep apnea. Weight loss surgery decreases the risk of death by 89%.

There are several approaches to failed weight loss surgery. However, Dr. Cirangle believes that the StomaphyX™ procedure is superior. He explained, "The early results of this procedure are promising, showing 15-20% estimated weight loss." Dr. Cirangle also feels that StomaphyX™ is the right choice for failed weight loss surgery due to more encouraging clinical data than other natural orifice surgeries.

In addition to the Stomaphyx™ procedure, LapSF and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii also offers four weight loss surgeries; the adjustable gastric band (LAP-BAND® and REALIZE™), Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and the duodenal switch. These procedures are all done laparoscopically, with very little downtime.

LapSF is the only practice on the West coast offering all weight loss procedures to its patients. Dr. Cirangle and partner Dr. Gregg Jossart have done thousands of weight loss surgeries between them. LapSF specializes in aftercare, with a team of professionals such as a full-time dietitian and therapist ensuring patient success. Dr. Cirangle and Dr. Jossart are pioneers in the increasingly popular vertical sleeve gastrectomy weight loss procedure. Besdies San Francisco, LapSF also has offices throughout Northern California including Eureka, Sacramento, Stockton, Chico, San Jose, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Monterey and Los Osos. In addition to LapSF, Dr. Cirangle is also the director of The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii, the only practice in the state to offer all weight loss procedures, including Stomaphyx™ . Dr. Cirangle sees patients in The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii offices on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Dr. Cirangle advises that anyone interested in the Stomaphyx™ or other weight-loss surgery options such as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy should research the options beforehand and should only consult a board-certified bariatric surgeon with proven experience and expertise in the procedure preferred. For more information, please call 1-866-WLS-DOCS or visit http://www.lapsf.com


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