Stop-Motion Animation Ginger and Pickles Cartoons Attract 90,000 Views on YouTube

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Everyone seems to love Ginger and Pickles. The stop-motion animation cartoon characters have attracted 90,000 views on YouTube, as well as endorsements from the San Francisco Film Society, ASIFA-SF, and the Bay Area Video Coalition.

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Professor Peter Picklepants is a black belt in origami.

We’re working with amazingly talented people, including some of the best stop-motion animators and top-notch musicians in the Bay Area.

Views of test footage of stop-motion animation characters Ginger and Pickles have surpassed 90,000 on YouTube. The characters, a gingerbread girl and a pickle character, are the title stars of “The Adventures of Ginger and Pickles,” a children’s cartoon show being created by John Cavalli and Peter Sailsbery in San Francisco, California.

“The test footage looks great, and the feedback is very positive,” said Cavalli. “We’re working with amazingly talented people, including some of the best stop-motion animators and top-notch musicians in the Bay Area.”

Cavalli and Sailsbery met in November 2008 and immediately started to create “Ginger and Pickles.” Ginger Smacks is a strong, decisive Southern girl much like Scout of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” while Professor Picklepants is a scholarly British gentleman, who never gives up. They work for Corndog, who sends them on assignments to wherever their unique expertise is needed. Ginger and Pickles can be anything from astronauts to game show hosts to professional baseball players.

In the first test footage, a bird poops on Professor Picklepants. Being a black belt in origami and never discouraged, Picklepants merely takes a container of Play N Wash from his vest, folds it into a pterodactyl, plays with it for a moment, and then washes off his face.

“Pickles is an intellectual who isn’t discouraged by, well, the crap that life drops on him,” said Cavalli. “We think boys need positive, non-violent role models who think on their feet like Professor Picklepants.”

The second stop-motion test footage features Ginger Smacks, a sweet, strong gingerbread girl from the land of 7 Herbs and Spices. Ginger wakes to an annoying alarm clock, then glides to her candy box vanity to put on her face—literally—with a pastry bag.

“Ginger is the leader of the duo—she is driven and decisive,” said Sailsbery. “Although the footage shows her putting on her face and primping herself, she’s all business in the show.”

Filming began in January, 2010, and the first clip “Professor Picklepants Hails a Taxi” was posted on YouTube in February. In March, a second clip called “Ginger Smacks Puts on Her Face” was completed and also posted to YouTube. Production of the short has been completely financed by Cavalli.

Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area talent has teamed together to create the test footage, starting with master stop-motion animator Scott Nordlund. Nordlund has worked on MTV logos and Sesame Street shorts. He has also made moving images for the rock group KISS and directed the “Jurassic Park” music video for Weird Al Yankovic.

Contributing animators include Amy Adamy, who was a key animator on “Coraline” and Chuck Duke, whose works include Tim Burton’s “James and the Giant Peach” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” Nordlund also mentored Bradly Werley during filming of the project. Werley currently works as a Stop Motion Lab Technician for the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.

Musicians include Bay Area songwriter and producer Bobby Gould, who wrote and performed the music for the Ginger short. Jon and Alexander Eccles, brothers since birth, produced the kicky, contagious theme song “Junk and Stuff” heard at the end of the shorts. Jon also produced the musical score for the Pickles short.

Cavalli and Sailsbery are currently seeking an executive producer to help fund production of a full half-hour short. The San Francisco Film Society has also graciously granted them Fiscal Sponsorship to make donations to the project tax deductible though their non-profit organization at this site:

For more information about Ginger and Pickles, contact John Cavalli at (510) 363-2275. Test footage of Ginger and Pickles can be seen on YouTube at and

About The Adventures of Ginger and Pickles
The Adventures of Ginger and Pickles is a stop-motion animation children’s show being created by John Cavalli and Peter Sailsbery. Ginger Smacks is a driven, Southern gingerbread girl and Professor Peter Pickles is a scholarly British pickle.

The duo work a variety of highly specialized temporary assignments in an even foodier alternative San Francisco. Their smorgasbord of assignments includes stints as astronauts, game show hosts on “Wheel of Jeopardy,” food critics for the opening of Mexican-Chinese Confusion Restaurant Cha Cha Cha Chinatown, and, even players for the Pittsburger Pirates.

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