Give the Gift of Giving Up Smoking This Christmas with Hypnosis

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A recent survey conducted by Hypnotherapy Directory - an online database of qualified hypnotherapists – has revealed that 72% of parents who visited the site during November have been asked by their children to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy Directory

72% of parents who visited Hypnotherapy Directory during November have been asked by their children to stop smoking.

Forget the latest toys and high tech gadgets - Hypnotherapy Directory has found that the best gift a parent can give their child this Christmas is to stop smoking. According to survey results from the online database of qualified hypnotherapists, 72% of parents who visited the site during November have been asked by their children to put a stop to the dangerous habit.

Study findings also show that well over half of all smokers surveyed by the directory (69%) had parents who smoked when they were children, adding further weight to already existing evidence which suggests children are far more likely to take up the habit if their parents are smokers.

According to NHS Smokefree, children who are exposed to a smoky atmosphere are more likely to suffer from chest infections, breathing problems and allergies than peers from non-smoking families - they are also more likely to be off sick from school more often.

The majority of parents are already well aware of the potential health risks smoking poses to their families, with 88% admitting to feeling concerned about the possible health implications their habit may be having on their children - but it’s not just parents who are worried...

In recent years children have also become far savvier and educated as to the dangers of smoking. As indicated by the number of children who have asked their mums and dads to quit it is no longer just parents who are trying to imprint an anti-smoking attitude on their offspring, but also children who are trying dissuade their parents.

A staggering 73%* of children worry about the risk of their mum or dad dying because of their habit, with many taking matters into their own hands by hiding their loved ones cigarettes in a bid to protect them**.

The survey results from Hypnotherapy Directory coincide with the second wave of a Department of Health advertising campaign aimed at getting loved ones to quit.

The campaign features real children from smoking families, discussing their concerns about their parents’ smoking, in the hope it will encourage them to quit.

Parents who are undecided about quitting and are teetering on the edge of beginning what will be an undoubtedly difficult journey, should use their family as a big incentive to go smoke free this Christmas.

From nicotine patches right through to support groups, there are numerous avenues of help available to help those looking to stop smoking, and it is a simple case of discovering which is the best and most suitable option for each individual.

Hypnosis is one of the most popular forms of complimentary and alternative medicine treatments for tobacco cessation and is often used by individuals who have not achieved success through other more traditional methods.

Smoking manifests itself on both a physical and psychological level, meaning that often when individuals attempt to relinquish the habit they are met with a series of unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms that can result in motivation quickly diminishing.

Hypnosis addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of quitting, using a combination of techniques ranging from traditional clinical hypnotherapy through to neuro linguistic programming (nlp) and positive suggestion to retrain both the conscious and unconscious mind. These techniques are intended to replace habitual smoking behaviours with far more natural and healthy strategies.

Individuals looking to stop smoking have a far higher likelihood of success if they have access to help and support than if they go it alone, and a hypnotherapist specialising in quitting smoking could provide that necessary support.

Hypnotherapy Directory could prove a valuable tool to anyone wishing to go smoke free this Christmas, or indeed at any other time of the year. With an extensive library of fact-sheets and a countrywide database of qualified hypnotherapists, visiting Hypnotherapy Directory could play an important role in helping individuals to achieve their personal goals.

About Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy Directory is a service that recognised the need for collating all of the information needed to help individuals find a suitable hypnotherapist in their local area. Whilst other directories may supply contact details, Hypnotherapy Directory goes that extra mile to provide all of the information that those seeking help may require to make the most informed decisions.

Hypnotherapy Directory lists full profiles detailing each hypnotherapist’s specialisms, the fees they charge, their practice location, qualifications and background information as to the kind of person they are. The directory also provides a wealth of information about hypnotherapy areas and techniques so visitors can browse this information before choosing a hypnotherapist.


*NHS Smokefree, The impact of smoking on your family

**Department of Health, All children really want this Christmas is their parents to quit smoking

Survey results based on a survey of 42 visitors to the site.


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